This week and next!

This was a great week for the Szentesy Squad.

In today’s folders, children are bringing home a few important items for parents:
1. A schedule for conferences. We are half-way through the first marking period so the teachers are ALREADY beginning to plan for the conferences in November. Please mark a time that best suits you so that we can try to plan accordingly. Thank you for understanding as we attempt to please everyone.

2. A mid-semester “progress report” is also attached. The grades were printed a week ago, so some scores have already improved! yay!

3. School pictures came home!

For next week: We will take a Benchmark test on the first three chapters in math. Then we will begin Unit 4.

Students performed well on the Spelling review list this week. We will start a new list next week with lesson 6.

Next week begins our E/I time. This stands for “Enrichment/Intervention.” Each day will have a different focus. Tuesday and Friday will be “Reading days.” We have found that too often, we run out of time to allow students the opportunity to read on their own, on a topic of their choosing. For many students, this will just be a time to sit and enjoy reading for pleasure. They are to be prepared on these days for some reading! Yay!

Our first reading Unit in ELA (English/Language Arts) has gone very well. We completed the first unit and will review the skills and strategies next week. The Unit test will take place on Tuesday.

The students completed their science unit with Mr. Showalter. They were given a study guide (and their paper planes!) today. The test will be given on Wednesday of next week.

Wednesday 10/09 will begin a Social Studies unit!! Mrs. Groff and Mrs. Rios will get to know these awesome students then!

Due to some schedule changes, we will have Book Exchange next Thursday again! Yahoo!

Reminder that book orders are due next Friday 10/11.

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