We spent our Friday “reading day” outside, since the weather was so gorgeous!

The sheet with your preferred conference time was due on Friday. If you still have one at home, please send it in soon. We will plan the times this week and get information to you the week of October 21. Thank you!

No School on Monday!

From this week:
Students are working hard on Chapter 4 in math, learning many strategies to help them multiply 2-digit numbers. We are TENTATIVELY thinking the test will be October 22.

Reading Unit 1 is complete! Great work learning about characters, story elements, and theme. We are beginning Unit 2: Getting the Main Idea and reading non-fiction.

Spelling Lesson 7 will be tested on Oct. 18, on Fridays, as usual.

The boys and girls are learning how to write a PERFECT paragraph!

This week we will also complete the first unit in Grammar. Wow!

The students worked to clean out their desks/wipe down the top surfaces. I wish you could smell the clean classroom we have now. Thanks for the help Szentesy Squad!

Have a great long weekend!

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