Monthly Archives: January 2020

A few updates

Tomorrow we will celebrate “R” with Rainbow Day – “Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud” – choose one bright color to wear to make a rainbow effect in each class.

Students in Miss Szentesy’s math class received their Chapter 8 math tests today. Corrections can be done for homework (or some may be completed in class!) and are due by next Monday.

Reading tests for Unit 3 will come home on Friday. We started Unit 4, Fiction texts, today (Thursday!)

Spelling Tests for Lesson 16 will be Friday (the 24th). We also have an early dismissal Friday at 1:30!!

Mr. Showalter’s Chemistry test will be administered next Tuesday. Students received a review/study guide this week, so they should have ample time to prepare for the assessment.

Remember that Report Cards will come home on Monday, January 27. Please review the contents, sign the envelope, and return it to school with your child.

As always, contact me with any questions/concerns. Thank you!

New Semester!

I can’t believe we are starting our third marking period of the school year. The second semester means that we had to say goodbye to Mr. Andrew and Applied Engineering for the year. We are excited to have Mrs. Ashworth teach us Library Instruction on Day C for the remainder of the year!

A few other items to note:
This week, the Scholastic book orders are due on Thursday, January 16.

Spelling lists will be a review this week!

The math test will be pushed back to next week (January 22). Keep working hard. The boys and girls are learning a lot about fractions!

This week in ELA we will write a TDA and complete a practice assessment. The Unit 3 assessment will be given on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week (January 21 and 22).

Friday is “Animal Print” day. Wear animal print clothing or bring your favorite stuffed animal to school.

Next Monday is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Enjoy the day off and make sure to give back to the community this day!

Report cards will come home on January 27. (Reminder to always check the “Important dates” tab on this page)

Thank you!

A few special dress days are coming!!!

MARK theme days: 

  • 1/10 – Mismatch Day – Each leader at Hambright is unique!  Students can also Make us believe they are a favorite TV character.
  • 1/17 – Animal Day – bring in your favorite stuffed animal/wear animal print
  • 1/24 – Rainbow Day – “Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud” – choose one bright color to wear to make a rainbow effect in each class.
  • 1/31 – Kingdom of Kindness Month – Disney theme day