Mid-week announcements

A few reminders for the week/month:

Thursday we will review/take a practice test for the material covered in chapter 10, Decimals. The test will be given on Friday. I am proud of the effort and perseverance the students are putting into this chapter. Can’t wait to see their work on Friday!

We are completing Unit 4 in ELA. The girls and boys are working to determine point-of-view (and WHY they are using that point of view), to make inferences, and to draw conclusions. The unit assessment will be next Thursday and Friday. The kids are writing more in their TDAs, including the “Analysis” section of the organizer. We are ready to start putting the information into essay form!

This week’s spelling words are a doozie. Keep listening to the sentence to determine which form to use (plural, possessive, or plural-possessive!)

Social Studies lessons with Mrs. Rios and Mrs. Groff are going well. Students are working on some different regions and geographical features of our area.

Some students will receive mid-marking period reports to take home this week. Parents can always check their child’s grades online, but I’ll send home a few special notes this week.

Race for Education: We would like to have many address labels for the students to mail letters. The labels students bring will be placed on letters to send to family and friends. If each student in fourth grade can bring in an average of 6 labels, we’ll have a special afternoon this spring!

Valentines can be brought to school this week. We will have a small classroom celebration to share kindness and friendships. The Szentesy Squad shows that each day, but we’ll still honor the national holiday on the 14th!

BEST OF LUCK to our FOURTH GRADE MATH BOWL participants in the district math bowl tomorrow! Szentesy Squad members Hunter and Lucas will represent Hambright well!

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