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Ella’s Channel

Hey Szentesy Squad!
Last week, as some of you remember, Ella shared with the class all about her YouTube channel. Many of you were interested in learning more. Ella says, “I want to read to kids who might not have books or might not have someone to read to them.”  She has done a great job and has 3 videos so far!  You will love the stories with lots of Ella’s own commentary thrown in there! ENJOY!!! And keep reading everyone!

With her mother’s permission, here are her links:

Phase II work!

As I told you all last week, I was extremely impressed with the Szentesy Squad. I can’t share all of the pictures, emails, and Google Docs, but here are a few!

Keep up the great work for this week. I miss you all so much!

Lucas with his House
Close-up of Lucas’ house
Lucas with the water test
Lucas testing the wind
Lily’s house
Morgan’s house
Quinncy’s house
Quinncy’s house
Morgan’s airplanes
Nate is recording data from his paper airplane tests
Nate’s whole family got in on the action!
Quinncy’s animal brochure
Micah’s animal brochure
Micah’s animal brochure


Thank you to the Szentesy Squad for making my day!

Thank you….
Nate – for making us laugh with your dog, gecko, and brother
Sabitra – for reminding us to stay hydrated and drink lots of water
Genesis – for showing all of your cats, toys, and unique dolls
Peyton – for introducing your sweet sister, good luck playing more cornhole!
Mason – for sharing about your time, good luck with your next fishing excursion. We hope you get a nice trout! Keep working out!
Mia – for showing us your sweet dog! And all of those books!
Lucas – for the cat introduction, the dog, and the smiles
Morgan – for sharing about your experiences living with Nanny while your parents are hard at work
Brielle – for showing us your dog and warming my heart
Parker – for showing off some dance moves and talking about his time off (video games are fun!)
Lily – for talking about your pets and pets-to-come! Hopefully your camera works next time.
Hunter – for introducing us to your new friend….with Bat wings!
Ella – for showing us your new squishy, sharing about your busy days, and all about your youTube channel in the making!
Adaliah – for showing us your new squishy (same one?!), your bearded dragon, and WE WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Saturday!!!

We hope to catch up again next week and a few more squad members can join in!

Keep reading, Keep safe, Keep in touch. I love and miss you all!
Thank you for being you.

Let’s meet!

Good afternoon Szentesy Squad! I miss you all so much, as you know, by my emails and responses to your work. One of my favorite times of the day (perhaps THEE favorite time) was always our Morning Meeting. I miss hearing each one of you greet one another, discuss answers/feelings/responses to the question of the day, sharing joys and even sometimes sadness. All of this is what makes the Szentesy Squad such a great team!

If you are able to join, I would love to have a virtual meeting. We will meet on Thursday at 11:00 a.m. Please visit our homeroom Google Classroom for links and instructions. I have links and directions on the “Szentesy Squad” page.

At this time, when you log onto the classroom, the “Meet” link is not visible to you. On Thursday, you’ll see this:

This will be our first time using this feature, so I know there will be a few bumps in the process. Thanks for bearing with me! Hoping to see several of you hop on this Thursday. Feel free to bring something small to share (just a minute or two per student).

We will try to work on these each week as the year progresses.

Again, check out the Google Classroom (specific to students) for more information and instructions. 🙂 Miss you!

Work from “Phase I”

Some students shared stellar work with us during the first phase of Remote Learning. The second phase is off to a great start as well. Here are just a few examples of the awesome work submitted last week.

I miss you all so much. Keep in touch with your assignments and your day!

Genesis doubled the recipe.
Genna baking her cookies
Finished product looks delicious!
Ella’s recycled project!
Ella’s project in action!
Mia’s beautiful bookmark
Mia’s water slide
Parker’s water slide in action!
Genna’s creative water slide
Parker’s creative social studies project


Good afternoon Szentesy Squad! I continue to miss you all, so so much! Your teachers have been working to provide some enriching educational opportunities for you all at home. Next week, after Easter, you will see lessons that are a bit more rigorous. Please remember:

-You may complete the assignments in any order, at any time. Return them to me as you complete them. Beginning next week, your work will be reported in Sapphire. I will not “grade” your assignments, but rather I will continue to provide feedback to all of you again. The district asks that teachers begin to record students who complete the assignments in the Sapphire system.

-Some students may prefer to do a little of each subject every day (like we do at school), where others of you would like to focus on one subject per day. That is completely up to you and what works for you (and your family).

-The district’s Continuity of Education plan expects students in fourth grade to spend this time weekly:
Math: 2 hours
ELA: 2 hours
Science: 30 minutes
Social Studies: 30 minutes
Specials: 30 minutes (remember to check out their instruction pages!)

-If you work with Miss Beard, she will provide instruction for you next week.

-I will be available for “Office Hours” from 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. each day next week. As you know from the past 2 weeks, I respond to emails/phone calls as I receive them. That is just one hour where you will DEFINITELY get a response/return call from me. This is a chance for you to have real-time access to me for clarification and assistance on assignments. Reach out to me at any time, please!

-Please keep your heads up and try to your best to Leave your MARK at home. How have you been using the 7 habits during this bizarre time? I look forward to hearing from you all. I miss you terribly!

Stay safe and we’ll be in touch real soon…

Happy Passover and Happy Easter!
<3 Miss Szentesy

I miss you!!!

April 7: Important Update! Please read!

Good afternoon Szentesy Squad! I miss you all so much. I don’t like learning/teaching at home. I am so tired of my laptop!!! But this is our “new normal” so we must just continue to do our best with the resources we have. I loved hearing from so many of your the past 2 weeks. You can still complete any of the posted assignments and turn them in to me as soon as you are complete. You do not need to wait until they are all finished, send them as you go!

Please reach out with any questions at all!

Please see below for a message from the district office.

Penn Manor School District has introduced a comprehensive Continuity of Education plan, which is available for viewing here on the district’s remote learning website.

The plan explains in detail how teachers will provide learning activities for all students to access by grade level or subject area.  The current level of activities will continue through April 9, and the school district will begin transitioning to more robust learning activities the week of April 13.

Beginning April 20, all teachers will move from reinforcement and review of material previously taught to the introduction of new material.

Teachers will keep track of student participation and reach out to encourage all students to participate.  Learning activities will not be graded, but student participation is expected.

Given the current unprecedented circumstances, Penn Manor has tried to be intentional about transitioning to online learning and its impact on our students, families, and staff.  We want to be mindful of the stressors brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased demands on parents working from home. 

Throughout this process, we will continue to evaluate our Continuity of Education plan and make adjustments, as needed.

Thank you for your support in these challenging times, and please stay safe!

– Penn Manor School District