Good afternoon Szentesy Squad! I continue to miss you all, so so much! Your teachers have been working to provide some enriching educational opportunities for you all at home. Next week, after Easter, you will see lessons that are a bit more rigorous. Please remember:

-You may complete the assignments in any order, at any time. Return them to me as you complete them. Beginning next week, your work will be reported in Sapphire. I will not “grade” your assignments, but rather I will continue to provide feedback to all of you again. The district asks that teachers begin to record students who complete the assignments in the Sapphire system.

-Some students may prefer to do a little of each subject every day (like we do at school), where others of you would like to focus on one subject per day. That is completely up to you and what works for you (and your family).

-The district’s Continuity of Education plan expects students in fourth grade to spend this time weekly:
Math: 2 hours
ELA: 2 hours
Science: 30 minutes
Social Studies: 30 minutes
Specials: 30 minutes (remember to check out their instruction pages!)

-If you work with Miss Beard, she will provide instruction for you next week.

-I will be available for “Office Hours” from 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. each day next week. As you know from the past 2 weeks, I respond to emails/phone calls as I receive them. That is just one hour where you will DEFINITELY get a response/return call from me. This is a chance for you to have real-time access to me for clarification and assistance on assignments. Reach out to me at any time, please!

-Please keep your heads up and try to your best to Leave your MARK at home. How have you been using the 7 habits during this bizarre time? I look forward to hearing from you all. I miss you terribly!

Stay safe and we’ll be in touch real soon…

Happy Passover and Happy Easter!
<3 Miss Szentesy

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