Thank you to the Szentesy Squad for making my day!

Thank you….
Nate – for making us laugh with your dog, gecko, and brother
Sabitra – for reminding us to stay hydrated and drink lots of water
Genesis – for showing all of your cats, toys, and unique dolls
Peyton – for introducing your sweet sister, good luck playing more cornhole!
Mason – for sharing about your time, good luck with your next fishing excursion. We hope you get a nice trout! Keep working out!
Mia – for showing us your sweet dog! And all of those books!
Lucas – for the cat introduction, the dog, and the smiles
Morgan – for sharing about your experiences living with Nanny while your parents are hard at work
Brielle – for showing us your dog and warming my heart
Parker – for showing off some dance moves and talking about his time off (video games are fun!)
Lily – for talking about your pets and pets-to-come! Hopefully your camera works next time.
Hunter – for introducing us to your new friend….with Bat wings!
Ella – for showing us your new squishy, sharing about your busy days, and all about your youTube channel in the making!
Adaliah – for showing us your new squishy (same one?!), your bearded dragon, and WE WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Saturday!!!

We hope to catch up again next week and a few more squad members can join in!

Keep reading, Keep safe, Keep in touch. I love and miss you all!
Thank you for being you.

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