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We have been enjoying another great week at Pequea. We couldn’t ask for better weather! Ethan happily joined our squad this week and is doing well! Community Helpers began this week. How does your child contribute to the team? Concierge? Tour Guide? Amazon Driver? Census worker? Ask your student!

The boys and girls love listening to the chapter book, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, a classic by Beverly Cleary.

Spelling words will be assessed on Friday. The students will also have a short quiz on identifying the 7 continents this Friday.

The chapter 1 math test will be given on Monday, September 28. The students are working hard in the classroom, as well as completing some extra work on their Chromebooks at home (My Math, Xtra Math, etc.). Keep it up!

Calling all readers! We will have another Book Exchange on Tuesday, September 29. Thank you for returning books on that day.

Mrs. Semple provided a serious lesson today and the second graders were very mature when learning about the sensitive topic. Ask your student what this poster means:

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!


TGIF! I’m not saying that because it was a difficult week. For me it’s “Thank goodness I got to teach a full day on a Friday.” I haven’t done that since March 6! Yahoo! We made it!

The Szentesy Squad is becoming more comfortable with wearing masks, and keeping their hands clean. It’s not easy, but we’re getting there. Keep it up!

This week the students were able to really dive into the second grade curriculum.

**Reading: We read the first lesson in our StoryTown books: “Arthur’s Reading Race” and a magazine article on reading in Braille. We are focusing on characters, short vowel phonograms, and responding to questions. They are doing awesome! Next week we will have the spelling test on Friday, Sept. 18!

**Math: We started chapter 1, reviewing some addition strategies. Making a 10 to add was a tricky lesson for some second graders. We will revisit this next week!

**Content: Social Studies began with a unit on Geography. The kids are working hard and showing off some map and geography skills they already know. Impressive!

**Writing: Second graders are writing some Small Moment narratives. We also spent time writing about a Fireboat named the John J. Harvey. Check it out on SeeSaw! You will be invited to SeeSaw, so that you as parents can view your child’s work. I’ll send an email to invite you to click and join our class! 🙂 There’s even an app you can use, if you’re really interested.

We have ALMOST all of the library books returned from last school year. If your child wore an orange note home on their wrist, thank you for helping locate the book! Mrs. Burkholder will begin checking out books to us next Tuesday, Sept. 15.

Thank you for another wonderful 4 days with your children. I truly love this group of second graders. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, or comments.

Did you see?

Your second grader brought home a letter from Mrs. Semple. I hope you had a chance to read over it. Mrs. Semple, our school counselor, will teach a positive, non-threatening lesson in two weeks: “It’s Your Body: You’re in Charge.” We wanted to give the parents plenty of advance notice. Thank you for asking your child about the note. If you missed it, please check the purple Take-Home folder.

Thank you!

We made it!

What an absolutely fantastic first week of second grade! These 7- and 8-year-olds are just brightening my every day! I am truly lucky to be a second grade teacher here at Pequea. I will continue to update the blog, so please be sure to “Subscribe” by entering your email into the right side of this page.

A few reminders/heads-up/housekeeping items:

**LIBRARY BOOKS!!! We still have a few library books at home. Please have your child remember to locate the books from first grade and place the book in the backpack immediately. Thank you!

**Students who returned the parent permission form were permitted to take the Chromebooks home this weekend.  They can go home every night. Your only assignment is to be sure the laptop is charged up overnight (Monday night) and brought to school on Tuesday morning!  Children are encouraged to explore some safe sites, but it’s fine to not even use it. The district wants to have children get into the habit of taking responsibility for the devices.  What/how you use it, completely up to you! 

**Next week we will begin our Math series, as well as our Reading series, Spelling words, and some content (Geography).

**Look for the “virtual” Meet the Teacher Night postings soon. Dr. Murray will share the videos next week. After viewing my video (please forgive my mistakes and nervousness on camera), please let me know any further questions you may have. I look forward to working with all families this year, whether through Google Meet conferences, emails, phone calls, notes…whatever it takes!

I hope you all have a safe and fun weekend. Give your kids a hug for me, since I can’t!
~Miss Szentesy