Monthly Archives: November 2020

Reminders and Congratulations

Thanks to Mrs. Burkholder, tomorrow we will sneak in a “Book Exchange” day. If you still have a library book at home, please bring it on Tuesday. We’d love for you to make a new selection to enjoy over the holiday break!

Congratulations to AWALI house members! You may wear a hat to school on Tuesday in recognition of earning the most house points last week. Keep it up!

Conference Week!

I look forward to speaking with families this Monday and Tuesday. A few reminders/tips for you:

–The link to join the conference is on your email. If you can not find this, please let me know.

–I will begin each Google Meet promptly at the scheduled time. I am sensitive to your time schedule and will end the meeting after 15 minutes. Many of my conferences are scheduled back-to-back. Thank you for understanding.

–Please have your child’s report card handy, as well as any other questions you may want answered.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate this new process for conferences! See you soon!

Two Friendly Reminders

  1. Please have your child review for tomorrow’s vocabulary test and spelling test (even though many students wanted to take the test today….wow, impressive!!)
  2. Your child should charge his or her laptop each night. This was a common practice early in the school year, but a habit that is beginning to be forgotten. We use the Chromebooks daily and many are coming to school needing to get a boost. Thank you for plugging them in and bringing them safely to school in the laptop bag!

We’ve got spirit!

Yes we do, we’ve got house spirit!!!

Remember to check out the Pequea Book Fair…

The Book Fair is here! Find the perfect Christmas gifts at our online Scholastic book fair!

Shop online now through November 22.

Books will be shipped directly to your home.  All sales by Nov. 22 benefit our school. Receive free shipping on all-book orders of over $25.

Hana represents Service.
Amistad represents Friendship.
Awali represents Originality.

Azim represents Perseverance.

A fun week ahead!

Pequea is excited to have BOTH group A and group B back together on Monday. Please wear blue/gold Penn Manor gear, or Pequea gear to show your school spirit!

Wednesday is Veterans’ Day….please wear red/white/blue in a simple way to honor our heroes.

Friday will be another HOUSE SPIRIT DAY! Let’s see those house shirts or colors to finish the week out strong!

Homework for Parents

Thank you to the Szentesy Squad families for completing the “homework” assignment your child brought home. You should have received a purple paper with some questions from me. This will help me to better prepare for conferences and plan for the rest of the school year with your child. PLEASE feel free (you are encouraged) to type me an email with your response, as opposed to filling out the paper. You can simply send me an email:

Anytime before next Friday, the 13th (ahhh!) would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, and see you soon!