Welcome Back!

What a wonderful week to start 2021. The Szentesy Squad took a very short time getting back into our daily routines at Pequea. We were delighted to have Miguel H. join us on Monday. On Tuesday we celebrated his birthday too, what a treat! After reading “Big Bushy Mustache,” we started reading in disguise. Check out a few pictures below! (remember, the reading test AND spelling test AND vocabulary test will be on Monday. They are ready for it!)

We are thankful for Mrs. Keller, our very own “Google Doc” for visiting our class on Friday. Ask your second grader about the quiz we took on how to take care of my Chromebook. This refresher course will help all of us to remember good Chromebook etiquette, cleanliness, and care. Thank you Mrs. Keller!

There were some insightful reflections made on 2020, and a few goals set for 2021. The students made mobiles which are on display in the hallway. They will travel home after a few weeks!

Students are working hard in math, impressing me with their determination. When Miss Szentesy was about to cry over a difficult lesson, the boys and girls coached me and cheered me on. Without their support and encouragement, I don’t know what I’d do! We all got through it together and they taught me a lot. Thank you second graders!

Science lessons on Energy have begun! The interactive notebooks are intriguing the students. They are excited to keep learning about different forms of energy and why it’s so important.

Remember to check the “Important Dates” tab on this page.

*Charge your laptop!
*Return your library book on Monday or Tuesday.

Thank you!

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