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What a great end of the month! We enjoyed honoring our Favorite School Principal today, Dr. Murray! (school principal day is May 1). We finished up the story “Where on Earth is My Bagel?” and enjoyed some bagels smothered in butter (or cream cheese), just as Yum Yung did in the story.

I can’t believe it’s the middle of the last marking period! Please check out the “important dates” tab on this page. I updated them for May.

Next week begins the PSSA testing for students in grades 3-6. To help their testing schedule, our daily routines will be moved around a bit. I know the Szentesy Squad will “go with the flow” and adapt to any changes in the day. Good luck to our older students/friends. We are proud of you!

Do you prefer butter or cream cheese?
Delicious! Thanks Yum Yung for the great idea!

Great day!

The Szentesy Squad had a wonderful day today. Our morning meeting question talked of how we can “feel like the weather.” When do you feel sunny? What makes you feel stormy? Great conversations happening. Then the actual weather couldn’t make up it’s mind either!

Thank you for remembering y our water bottles each day. It’s getting hot!

A few other reminders:
*Spelling and reading and vocab test tomorrow (Lesson 26, “Where on Earth is my Bagel?”)
*Virtual Paint Night is tonight. Thank you Mrs. Steffy, we can’t wait!
*Mystery Reader at 8:00 tonight
*Thank you for charging your Chromebook each night.

*If you drove your child to school with his or her National Symbols project, please ask your child about bringing it home. Some students prefer to NOT bring it home on the bus. The amazing work is ready to go home when you are able to pick it up. Great job all!

Have you heard?

Our school sub sale took place on Monday. It was a great fundraiser for Pequea PTO. Today Parker told us that he and his family took extra sandwiches to our first responder heros. The following picture was posted from the Pequea Police Department (and also on the page for the state Fire Police!). Thank you Parker, Chaynce, and family for supporting our local heros. Your hearts are so big! We are so so proud of you!

This week reminders:

*We have Phys. Ed. every day. Thank you for dressing appropriately with correct footwear!
*Tuesday – Spring Picture Day! Bring those smiles! Mystery Reader at 8:00 p.m.
*Wednesday – “Peacemakers” lesson with Mrs. Semple
*Thursday – Virtual PTO meeting 6:30. Mystery Reader at 8:00 p.m.
*Friday – Orders for Spiritwear are due today!

March Madness

Some pictures of the last week of March Madness. Thank you for a fun month!

Don’t hide your Pequea Pride!
Lily on Tourist Tuesday
Skye on Tourist Tuesday
Cynthia on Tourist Tuesday
Dnaiel on Tourist Tuesday
Anna on Tourist Tuesday
Gemma on Tourist Tuesday
National Crayon Day