What a great end of the month! We enjoyed honoring our Favorite School Principal today, Dr. Murray! (school principal day is May 1). We finished up the story “Where on Earth is My Bagel?” and enjoyed some bagels smothered in butter (or cream cheese), just as Yum Yung did in the story.

I can’t believe it’s the middle of the last marking period! Please check out the “important dates” tab on this page. I updated them for May.

Next week begins the PSSA testing for students in grades 3-6. To help their testing schedule, our daily routines will be moved around a bit. I know the Szentesy Squad will “go with the flow” and adapt to any changes in the day. Good luck to our older students/friends. We are proud of you!

Do you prefer butter or cream cheese?
Delicious! Thanks Yum Yung for the great idea!

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