What a great month! Here are some updates on the Szentesy Squad and some reminders for upcoming events.

Reading – students have spent this week doing some “end of marking period” assessments. I will finish those up on Monday, November 1. After that, you’ll start to see reading books come home again for at-home reading with family members. Thank you for reading with your child and signing that your student read at home.

The spelling test for lesson 7 (and vocab words too!) will be on Thursday, November 4.

Writing – students are becoming experts in writing a paragraph. A paragraph contains a topic sentence, 3 detail sentences, and a conclusion sentence. The last perfect paragraph the boys and girls wrote was a perfect costume for Miss Szentesy to wear. They were very creative!

Math – Module 2 tests were completed. Thank you for praising your student after seeing the work they accomplished. The math program we use does not expect mastery. Students will show much growth as the year progresses.

The girls and boys learned a lot in our social studies unit on Geography. Landforms, water forms, the 7 continents, reading maps and globes. They are rockstars! The tests will come home today.


School pictures are coming home today. If you have any questions on the pictures, please call the 800 number on the back of the envelope.

SpiritWear order forms are also coming home today. Maybe you can get some nice holiday gifts!?

Parent-Teacher conference times are filling up. Please choose a time to meet with me in-person or virtually via Google Meet. Thank you!

Please remember to check out the “Important Dates” tab on this blog. November is a busy month!

Have a great weekend!

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