What a fantastic year for the Szentesy Squad. I am incredibly proud of these kids who are ready for third grade (whether I want them to be, or not!). We did not get to complete our chapter book about a favorite classroom pet, Humphrey. Students received their own copy to finish it this summer. This could be a wonderful opportunity for family reading! Each student also received a special award designed just for him/her. The class all applauded for one another (and mostly guessed the name just by the description!) and it was a special time to wrap up the year. I will miss this class terribly so please keep in touch!

Please have a safe summer and remember to complete your workbook for the Summer Sizzle. We can have a FUN FUN celebration this fall!

I also hope to see you at one of our summer activity nights. Please see the blog post on the Pequea page for more information!

Miss Megan Szentesy

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