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Check it out!

We are pleased to let you know the learning resources are up and running! Please take your time, and just do what you can/feel like/are up for. No rush!

Thank you to the families who have already reached out. I enjoyed hearing from you! Keep it up!

Please click here to view the sites.


Hello fourth graders! (and all PM students)!!!!

Within the next day or two, you will receive a phone call from a teacher!! We can’t wait to make contact with you! Most of us will make calls from our computers with Google or our personal phones with *67 (so the number is blocked). I just wanted to make you aware of that. I am often hesitant to answer the phone when I do not recognize the caller. We would love to speak directly with the parent/student (both??) soon.

Is anyone playing in the rain today?


What a crazy time we are currently in! Something that we have never experienced before. I hope you are all doing well, and coping with such a foreign feeling, and staying healthy! I’ve been reading lots, preparing grades for report cards, exercising, cleaning my house, and getting ready to tackle a 1,000 piece puzzle. What are you up to?

I will help to distribute meals with a few other teachers beginning tomorrow (Wednesday, March 18). Perhaps I will see you or your family…..and wave from afar!

Please read this message from Dr. Leichliter:

Penn Manor schools are closed through March 27 in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is unclear whether that status will change or when we may be able to resume normal operations. As we all deal with this unprecedented challenge, we want to let students and parents know that the education of children is on hold as the district evaluates options moving forward. Penn Manor continues to follow direction from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Please understand that teachers will not be instructing students, grading assignments, or corresponding on instructional matters during the current 10-day closure. While teachers may have resources for students such as active Google Classrooms for their lessons, there is no expectation for student attendance or submission of assignments between March 16 and March 30.

It’s March!

Wow! I can’t believe how fast this year is flying. The “Important Dates” tab on this blog was updated last week. Be sure to take note of some upcoming events and add them to your home calendars!

This week the students are completing the lengthy Chapter 11 on measurement. When they slow down, think about the work, and use the resources given to them (the yellow or the PINK helper sheet), they are achieving great success. We look forward to the great performances shown THIS FRIDAY on the chapter 11 test. As always, the day before will be a great review, and a practice test will come home with your fourth grader!

This reading unit is fairly short. The boys and girls are enjoying some non-fiction text and comparing the authors’ claims. The test (non-TDA!) will also take place this week. There is no way to study for this, since it’s a cold-read. The boys and girls need to read the text, identify the author’s claim, and find the evidence/reasons for the claim which the author is making. They are enjoying the unit and working hard!

Remember that Wednesday is picture day!

Please see this letter that will come home with your child on Wednesday. What a great FREE opportunity!!!

Sorry for the delay!

The Szentesy Squad was dressed for success last Friday. I apologize for the delay in the picture posting. Some students chose to not be photographed (completely fine!). There were great discussions on future professions, including bakers, police officers, baristas, athletes, coaches, artists, T-mobile workers, spies, and more!

Teachers shared a bit about how they each got to the profession. Miss Szentesy first attended Lycoming College, then Millersville University, several classes/certifications with Wilkes University, and some courses through the University of Pennsylvania.

The future is BRIGHT for these Hambright students!

Kids at Work 2020 edition

This week

This week the students will really be stretching their minds and building some strong brains! The math concepts in chapter 11 include measuring length, capacity, time, weight, line plots, and more! When converting capacity, many students find using the “Big G” or the “Kingdom of Gallon” to help them. We will work more on this throughout the unit, with the use of calculators!

Spelling Lesson 21 came home today. As always, packets are due Friday, when the test will also be administered.

We have an assembly on Tuesday (2/25) and this Friday is “Bling Day!”

***A reminder that address labels for the Race for Education are due next week. As of today, the Szentesy Squad has turned in 51 labels. Let’s synergize to bring in more labels. The more labels we have, the more letters we will send, and the more potential donations we will receive!