Some fun this week..

Students had a special stuffed animal visit the classroom yesterday. We took a class picture with him.

Today the students worked in teams to solve riddles like detectives. They had to read the clues and work together to solve each riddle, while practicing our focus skill of “drawing conclusions” from this week. Then the students even made their own riddle for a friend to solve in the classroom to create a “conclusion detective” project that we hung in the hallway. Way to go first grade detectives!

PSSA this week

During our PSSA testing this week, Hambright has some themed dress days. Check out the details below:

April 15th – We’ve gotten plenty of rest; now bring on the test!  Wear your favorite, school-appropriate pajamas.  
April 16th – We are REDy for the PSSAs!  Wear red. 
April 17th – We’ve got taking the test down to a T!  Wear your favorite T-shirt. 

After the spring break, we will have a few more days. Check out below:

April 24 – We are taking the PSSA.  No Sweat!  Wear sweatpants or sweatshirts.  
April 25 – Our future is bright!  Wear neon colors.  

Some science fun..

Today first graders got to learn all about mixtures and solutions in chemistry. We got hands on by mixing trail mix, cereal, and marshmellows together for a fun “mixture” that could be separated and mixed back together again. Of course students got to try some of their mixtures. Then we also taste tested a “solution” using lemonade mix and water together learning that we can not take the solution apart once it was mixed together. States of matter can surely change : ) Check out the pictures below.

Snow Fun

Tomorrow (Friday), our kiddos will get the chance to play in the snow from 2:10-2:30 pm. In order to go outside and play in the snow, the students MUST bring the following items…

  • A winter coat
  • Hood or a hat
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Snow pants/snow suit (they may also bring another pair of pants to change into)
  • Snow boots/extra pair of shoes (it’s always a good idea to bring an extra pair of socks)

**Students who do not bring these items or do not wish to participate will still have a regular indoor recess and do a special “snow” activity inside!

Dr. Seuss next week

Next week is Dr. Seuss themed week.

Monday – Be a Who in Whoville – Crazy Hair Day
Tuesday – Thing One & Thing Two – Twin Day: dress like a twin
Wednesday – Cat in the Hat – Hat Day
Thursday – Fox in Sox – Wear Crazy Sox
Friday – Green Eggs and Ham – Wear Green