This starts one of the most exciting times in first grade! The holiday season is a fun time to complete lots of crafts and fun activities! I am excited to share this time together with our first graders! As the holiday season approaches, our class will be learning about how the holiday season is celebrated throughout the world.  We have a lot of fun things planned for first grade!  If you have a cultural holiday custom that you would like to share, I encourage you to let me know, and I would love to have you come to our class or send items in to teach us about it! If this applies to you, please contact me.  Also during this season, I wish to be sensitive to all family’s beliefs. If you would like to talk to me with any concerns, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you and I look forward to this season!   

Thanksgiving Fun Stations

First grade worked on some fun turkey projects before Thanksgiving.  Not only did students create some fun turkey disguises and wrote about them for our hallway, students also got to rotate through four fun stations on Wednesday.  Students learned about Thanksgiving and created a colorful beaded bracelet that correlated with their Thanksgiving book that was read, students made a fun turkey feathered hat, students wrote about what they are thankful for, and also created a skip counting math feather turkey. 
We sure do have fun in first grade!  Check out the pictures below.  

Students making thanksgiving bracelet
Students making their Thanksgiving beaded bracelet

Students making thanksgiving book

Students coloring their Thanksgiving book

Students making turkey hats
Students making their turkey headbands

Students making turkey hats
Students making thankful turkeys
Students making his Thankful Turkey

Students making thankful turkeys
Thankful Turkeys!

Students making thankful turkey
Thankful first graders

Students making skip counting turkeys
Count By Ten Turkeys
Students making skip counting turkeys
Skip Counting Turkeys
Students making skip counting turkeys

First Grade Fall Fun Stations

First grade had a fun time on Friday being involved in some hands on activities together.  Students moved to each first grade room to complete a fall fun activity.  They made pumpkins and candy corn cuties crafts, used candy corn for measuring and addition/subtraction math facts, and listened to a fall story with a sequencing activity to follow. We had a lot of fun!

students making pumpkins
Pumpkin making crafts
student showing pumpkin craft
students making candy corn craft
Making Candy Corn cuties
students using candy corn to measure
Candy Corn Measuring Math
students working on math
students adding and subtracting with candy corn
Students adding and subtracting with candy corn
student doing math with candy corn

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week at Hambright (October 22nd to 26th)

10/22 – Monday: Team Up Against Drugs. Wear your favorite sports team apparel.

10/23 – Tuesday: Orange you glad you don’t do drugs (wear orange).

10/24 – Wednesday: Support Red Ribbon week (wear red)

10/25 – Thursday: Sock it to Drugs (crazy socks)

10/26 – Friday: Be a “Jean-ious” – Don’t do Drugs (wear jeans)

Daily Math Stations

First graders are now also doing daily math stations in class.  After a whole group lesson, students move into small groups around room to computers, math with a buddy with games, math journal project, and meet with teacher.  This allows us to work more closely on concepts in small groups.  Check out some hard working first graders.  

Students working in math stations
 Students working in small groups with teacher on subtraction number sentences
Students working in math stations
Hard working first graders in math
Students working in math stations
Students working on computers
Students working in math stations
Students working in their math journals
Students working in math stations
First graders working with buddies on math tub games to review concepts learned
Students working in math stations
Students working together to review number games
Students working in math stations
Teamwork on subtraction math game

Apple Fun!

We have had a lot of fun learning about apples this week!  Students had apple stations yesterday, learned about the apple life cycle, played apple games, and even got to taste test some apples while using our senses to describe apples.  Check out some pictures below:

Daily 5 Station Fun

First graders are learning how to do our Daily 5 Stations while we start reading groups.  Below is a list of five stations students rotate through while I meet in small groups.  I will now meet with children every day during groups and they will have homework in their STAR folders Monday through Thursday.

  1. Read to Self
  2. Read to Someone
  3. Work on Writing
  4. Word Work
  5. Listen to Reading on Computers

Check out some first grade pictures below:

Students reading
Read to Someone

Students on computers
Work on Computers

Students working on words
Word Work
Students working on writing
Work on Writing leaf project

Students reading
Read to Self

Students working in reading group
Reading Groups

STAR Folders

Please make sure to check student STAR folders every night.  This is our communication to and from school every day.  Important papers that need to be returned will be on Return to School side with their colored Star/Special calendar for each day.   Students are now putting homework on their Return to School side every night too.  Don’t forget to read, practice spelling words and word wall baggies too.  Thanks for your support at home! 🙂