This year I will be teaching content to our class, both science and social studies.  We have rolled out some new curriculum so please look below at our updated content units for each marking period.

Marking Period 1:

Citizenship (Social Studies)

  • citizenship and characteristics of good citizens
  • rules in school, home, and community
  • conflict resolution
  • peacemakers
  • election and voting

Earth Science (Science)

  • weather patterns and instruments
  • features of the earth’s surface
  • rocks, soil, sand, and pebbles


Marking Period 2:

Community Helpers (Social Studies)

  • types of communities, around us, and the world
  • community helpers that provide goods and services
  • differences in community helpers
  • location of community helpers

Physics (Science) 

  • force and motion
  • speed and direction
  • traveling and redirecting light
  • sun, light and energy


Marking Period 3:

Economics (Social Studies)

  • needs and wants
  • goods and services
  • earning money
  • saving and spending money
  • scarcity

Chemistry (Science)

  • basic changes in property of matter
  • heating and cool substances
  • reversible and not reversible physical changes
  • substance models


Marking Period 4:

5 Themes of Geography (Social Studies)

  • absolute and relative location
  • natural and human features of a place
  • human environment interaction
  • transportation movement
  • technology movement
  • region

Biology (Science)

  • life cycle and structure of a plant
  • life cycle of an animal
  • basic structure of animals
  • identify and describe habitats

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  1. Thank you for giving up your summertime to prepare a year for children other then your own. Blessings.

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