Customize your Google Classroom Stream Page

If you missed the “Move to top” option in Google Classroom it is back! On the STREAM page now you have the option to “Move to Top.”

gif showing how to move post to top

On the Stream, not Classwork page, you can click on the 3 dots on the announcement and choose “Move to top.” This is a great way to being able to organize the Stream so that students see at the top what you what them to see as important.

gif of new settings

You can also customize how classwork notifications appear on the stream with a NEW setting. You can not hide notifications, expand them to show more details, or leave them as a condensed notification.

Time to Refuel! Get Inspired!

I recently attended the Pennsylvania Education Technology Expo and Conference (Pete & C) I was lucky enough to get inspired time and time again while I was there but, one Keynote Speaker, Faridodin Fredi Lajvardi really inspired me the way he worked with low income students at a school in Phoenix to enter an underwater robotics competition. His story is so amazing that a movie “Spare Parts” was made about it. So if you need a mid-year refuel. This movie is well worth watching. Here is the trailer. I watched the movie this weekend with my husband and we both loved it.

Create you own Google Expedition.

The new features in the Expeditions app update:

  • Now give you the long awaiting ability to view and guide Tour Creator tours in Google Expeditions Now teachers and students can create a tour in Tour Creator and used the expedition app to guide others through their tour with virtual reality goggles. So now the tours made in tour creator can be viewed on computers, tablets or phones or guided as an expediton.
  • These updates are only available on Android, coming soon for iOS
  • Additionally a selection of top Expeditions tours have been translated into 10 languages: Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

If you would like to create your own tour and would like assistance don’t hesitate to ask us for help.

Email us at: or

New Google Classroom Features!!!

Google classroom came out with some updated features for your Google Classroom. If you were like me, I loved being able to separate my classroom by topics but didn’t like that the new post always went to the bottom. Now that problem goes away with the new Drag and Drop feature. They have also added 78 new themes, made the classroom code more accessible, and comments for grading easier to post from your comment bank by using the hashtag symbol (#) and then selecting from your comment bank.

YouTube Shortcuts

YouTube Shortcuts to use in your classroom
  • To pause the video: While the video is playing, press ‘K’ on the keyboard and the video will get automatically paused. The alternative to this is to press the ‘spacebar’.
  • To take back video: Pressing ‘J’ on the keyboard takes the video back by 10 seconds.
  • To forward the video: Pressing ‘L’ fast forwards the video by 10 seconds.
  • To move back and forward by 5 seconds: Use the left and right arrow keys to move back or fast forward the video by 5 seconds.
  • To make the video full-screen: Press ‘F’ to put the video on full screen.
  • To navigate through the video: The number keys from 1 to 10 help to navigate through the video.
  • To play the next video in the queue: Press Shift + N to go to the next video in the queue line.
  • To adjust the volume: To increase or decrease the volume of the YouTube video, use the up and down arrow keys.
  • To mute the video: Pressing ‘M’ on the keyboard mutes the video.