Google Classroom Rubrics

Great news! Google has heard your feedback and just added a built-in rubrics feature to Course Kit! All instructors now have access to create, view, and grade with rubrics for Course Kit assignments.

Rubrics Getting Started Guides and FAQs to help you use rubrics:


Your feedback is very important to Google. Remember you can send your feedback directly to Google via the “Send feedback” button in Course Kit. When submitting feedback, include a screenshot and start the feedback report with “Rubrics” so Google knows your feedback is specific to this new feature.

P.S. The Google team has recently added a bunch of other new features to Course Kit. Here are some highlights:

  • Sort the student switcher by first name/last name (launched Q2)
  • Add due-dates to Course Kit assignments (launched Q2)
  • Recall comments from your Comment Bank with auto-suggest text (launched Q2)
  • Learn more about creating and grading assignments using Course Kit through the Help Center 

Check out the Course Kit Community Forum for product updates, FAQs, and support.

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