HEIC to .jpg format on iphone

📷 If you are taking photos with your iphone and uploading to your Google Drive, check the file extension on the image once it is in Google Drive.

Images with a file extension of .HEIC will not import into Google files.

You can change your camera settings on your iPhone:
How do I change my HEIC on my iPhone?

  1. Go to Settings > Camera.
  2. Tap Formats.
  3. Tap Most Compatible. This setting is available only on devices that can capture media in HEIF or HEVC format, and only when using iOS 11 or later.
  4. All new photos and videos will now use JPEG or H. 264 format.

Or you can use this website to convert your .heic files to .jpg


Correct Drive Permissions

If you are sharing files and resources from your Google Drive, please make sure the file permissions are set correctly for your intended audience. When you click on SHARE click Advanced you will find the Sharing Settings dialog box.

For folks to access your files without logging into Google Drive select Anyone with the link can access. No sign-in required. This is the most popular setting as we provide resources to our parents and students at home.