Correct Drive Permissions

If you are sharing files and resources from your Google Drive, please make sure the file permissions are set correctly for your intended audience. When you click on SHARE click Advanced you will find the Sharing Settings dialog box.

For folks to access your files without logging into Google Drive select Anyone with the link can access. No sign-in required. This is the most popular setting as we provide resources to our parents and students at home.

Screencastify Tip

When narrating over an existing video in a browser tab follow these steps for best quality:

Open the video in a browser tab.

CTRL N to open a new browser window. Launch Screencastify with correct microphone settings in the new window. Tap Record – Entire Screen. During the 3 second count down, minimize the “new browser window” start your video.

Use these keyboard shortcuts to control Screencastify settings.

Screencastify Keyboard Shortcuts