Add a Padlet to your Google Classroom for some great interactive Classroom Activities

Padlet is a great way to add some Interactive Classroom Activity. (Tutorial-Setup and share in your Google Classroom) Below are some ideas how you can use it in your classroom.

  • Brainstorming
  • Exit Ticket
  • Ice breaker (2 truths and 1 lie)
  • End of Year (give a compliment)
  • Book Discussion
  • Gather Feedback
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Analyze a Quote
  • Complete a Story

End of School Year Google Classroom Cleanup

Click on the link to learn how to easily cleanup your Google Classroom for the end of the year.

  1. It is important to return all student work when students press the turn in button document ownership is transferred to the teacher- Your students have worked hard on their Google Classroom assignments. You need to make sure to return their digital work, just as if it was a paper that they turned into you. When you return their work it transfers the ownership of the files back to the student.
  2. Archive your classroom, do not remove or unenroll students. Don’t attempt to keep this year’s Google Classroom, unenroll the current students and then add next years students in the fall. This might seem like an easy way to keep your classroom organized, but there is a much better method. Archiving your Google Classroom still allows you to use any posts that you create in another Google Classroom. You can start your Google Classroom fresh for the next year. You can use assignments you have posted in the past quickly and easily. This also gives you the opportunity to rethink the assignment. Do you want to do the same thing you did the previous year of do you want to change it up a bit?

Customize your Google Classroom Stream Page

If you missed the “Move to top” option in Google Classroom it is back! On the STREAM page now you have the option to “Move to Top.”

gif showing how to move post to top

On the Stream, not Classwork page, you can click on the 3 dots on the announcement and choose “Move to top.” This is a great way to being able to organize the Stream so that students see at the top what you what them to see as important.

gif of new settings

You can also customize how classwork notifications appear on the stream with a NEW setting. You can not hide notifications, expand them to show more details, or leave them as a condensed notification.

Differentiated instruction with Google Classroom

Google Classroom allows teachers to assign an assignment to specific students in your classroom.

Assume Derek and Jeffrey need additional assignments for remediation on weights and measurement or and extra essay assignment:
Log into Google Classroom – Add an Assignment – click Students at the top of the assignment window.   Uncheck All Students and select Derek and Jeffrey.  Only those 2 students will receive the assignment.