HoverCam Solo 5 Document Camera

Some elementary rooms have the Hovercam Solo 5 Document Camera assigned to the classroom teacher.  These devices are building level purchases with approval.   Using the doc camera attached to your laptop and projector will become a seamless essential tool.  Have you ever had your students crowd around a table to watch a demonstration?  Using a document camera will provide a full classroom view of your workstation during the activity.   Easily review math problems, critique writing pieces, etc.

Your building tech will need to install the correct version of the software.  Here is a quick easy to understand video of the camera features.  Click here for the Youtube Video for the camera

Here is an 8 minute YouTube Video of the Flex 11 Software Features.  Note: I have had no issues with the camera crashing as this guy mentions in his video.   Otherwise, it’s a great overview of the software.  Click here for the Youtube  Video for the software.


doc camera example     hover cam solo 5