Animal Adaptations

We used  buildyourwildself to help us learn about structural adaptations in class.  Your student is more than welcome to continue using the website at home.

Mr. Thompson with structural animal adaptations.


We also had a Phobetron pithecium (Hag Moth) visit our classroom yesterday.  It dropped from the ceiling and landed on an unsuspecting student.  We carefully had it crawl on to a pen and then in to a seal container.  Where it promptly  changed to it’s pupa stage.  We will keep it in class to see the Hag Moth emerge!

Monkey Slug

**Never should students seek out caterpillars or any other insect to interact with.  Many insects, like the hag moth larvae (Monkey Slug), look interesting but might be harmful to the touch.  This is a good time to reiterate with this same sentiment at home. ***



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