Matific allows your student to learn through hands on and discovery models.  It is engaging and a great resource for extra math practice.

Here is the website: Matific

You can use your child’s login information at home!  (It is found in their take home folders.)

Animal Cells and Organelles

Some of Martic’s young scientists were hard at work making animal cell models out of plastic bags (cell membrane), JELL-O (cytoplasm), Whoppers (nucleus), and jelly beans (mitochondria and vacuoles).  Check out their awesome work!

Observing like a Scientist!

Today, Second Grade worked on our scientific skills, focusing specifically on observation.  Students used hand lenses, their Science Journals, and their senses to identify a mystery object .  After careful examination, we concluded that the mystery mineral was actually Pop Rocks!

Pop Rocks Experiment