Red Ribbon Week

October 23rd ~ Peace Out to Drugs- Wear tie dye!

October 24th ~ Stomp On Drugs!  Wear boots!

October 25th ~ Be a Drug Free Team!-Wear a team jersey or any team spirit wear.

October 26th ~ Put a Cap on Drugs!  Wear a favorite hat!

October 27th~ Be a Smartie- Don’t Do Drugs!  Kids will receive Smarties.

Superhero Math in Martic

It was another busy day in second grade!  We took our spelling test, practiced writing paragraphs, used problem solving skills to decipher word problems, and learned about the countries in North America.

However, the greatest excitement was from our Superhero Math assembly! Students learned how important math is to everything  they do each day, both at school and at home! Our class had some great volunteers. Ryley is the Incredible Hulk and Colton is holding the 12 foot magic wand!


Superhero Student Math Assembly.  Student holding a large magic wand participating in assembly.
Superhero Math

Superhero Math Assembly.  Students participating on stage. Superhero Math Assembly and students participating on stage. Students solving number sentences on stage. Students solving number sentences on stage. Students solving number sentences on stage. Students solving number sentences on stage.

Animal Habitat Diorama Extra Shoe Boxes

Happy Tuesday!

Our class is beginning its final project on Living Things.  Students are tasked with creating a diorama of an animal habitat.  They will do all of the research and construction at school, but we are in need of extra shoe boxes!  If you have any extra please send them in, and our class will be very grateful.

Shoe box

Here is how your student will be evaluated for the project:

Diorama rubric

This the link to the PDF version:


Scholastic Book Club

Dear Families,

When children choose their own books to read for pleasure, they enjoy reading more and spend more time doing it. The more your child reads, the better they will do in school and in life.

One option for purchasing books is Scholastic Book Clubs flyers.  Each month, flyers will be sent home with your student (October has two separate flyers).



Please place your online order to me by 10/25/2017.

Two ways to order:

1. Go online to: Scholastic Book Club Mr. Thompson’s Class

Or enter our Class Code: RP8ZK

Follow the instructions to place your order online by: 10/25/2017.

2. Check off the books you want to order for your child and return this flyer to me with a check to Scholastic Book Clubs by 10/25/2017.

Scholastic Book Club Mr. Thompson’s Class

Math Homework for Tonight: October 3rd, 2017

I had a few students forget to take home their folders today, therefore, I have uploaded copies of tonight’s math homework.  The answers can be turned in on a separate sheet of paper.  Email or message me on ClassDojo if you have any questions or concerns.  Have a great night!


Below is a link to a PDF, if you would prefer to download and print out a copy for your student.