Book Box Project for Mr. Thompson’s EI


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Today, January 29th, students in Mr. Thompson’s EI Reading Group will start a Book Box project.  This project will last two weeks (presentations will start on February 12th) and will require students to read a chapter book of their choice.  Students will have time to read in class and work on their project, but they will also be required to read at home.  Suggested titles for students are The Magic Treehouse, Judy Moody, Junie B. Jones, I Survived, or other grade level appropriate books. All books must be approved by a teacher before your student can begin the project.

The Book Box is created after finishing the book.  It is made from a shoe box or box of similar dimensions. It is a two part process: first covering the outside of the box and second filling the inside of the box.

For the outside of the box, students decorate it to resemble their book.  They must include the author’s name, the book title, and their own name on the top of the box.  The entire box (except the bottom) must be decorated, including the lid.  Many times students choose scenes from the book to depict on the outside of their boxes, or make the boxes look like the cover art of their books.

The inside of the box must include their book report paper (provided by Mr. Thompson) and three artifacts that represent their book.  For example, if their book was Mummies in the Morning, by Mary Pope Osborne, artifacts might include a book of the dead (student made); a black cat figurine; a pyramid; an Anubis scepter; hieroglyphs; a boat; or much more.   Students must be able to explain the importance of each artifact and why they chose it.

Finally, students will present their Book Boxes to classmates and give a review of their book.  They are allowed to read from their book reports or use notecards.

If you have extra shoe boxes, please send them to school as they would be greatly appreciated.


Mr. Thompson

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