TALENT SHOW TONIGHT STARTS at 6:30!  There will be a Bake Sale run by the student council.

Tomorrow, 4/20/2018, there is an early dismissal at 1:30.

Have a great weekend!

Spelling List for Test on 4/20/2018

Hi Everyone,

Spelling has been odd and off schedule the last few lessons with exams taking place over a two week period.  Unfortunately, the same thing will happen for these two weeks.  Due to changes in schedule with the PSSAs and other testing, we will not take our formal spelling test until 4/20/2018.  However, we will take a Super Speller test this Friday for practice!

If your student passes the Super Speller test on Friday they are exempt from the test next week!  However, if they so desire they can study the Challenge List and take that exam next week.  If they score well, it will go in  the grade book as a bonus test for their spelling scores!

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Challenge List for Lesson 26

Spelling List for Lesson 26