States of Matter

Our class studied states of matter and phase changes. One of the more difficult concepts was sublimation (the change from solid to gas). We used dry ice to demonstrate this phase change. After which, we did some awesome experiments using the dry ice!

****Dry Ice should not be handled at home and requires a well ventilated room. We ran fans and opened all windows/doors. All the dry ice was only handled by the instructor using gloves, tongs, and protective eye wear. ***

Learning about fossils and making a few molds and casts of our own.

On Friday, we learned about four types of fossils: mold and cast, trace, true form, and resin fossils. Students also participated in several activities, including, making their own molds and casts, digging for fossils, and classifying fossils.

On Tuesday, students will take their fossil finds and creations home with them.

Field Trip for 10/4: Quick Reminders

Happy October Everyone!
Our first field trip is at the end of this week. We are asking students to please wear a bright yellow or green shirt, if they have one available. With so many Martic students all going to the farm show, this will help everyone standout from our building!

Also, remember to try to send lunches in large ziploc or brown paper bags. Making lunches as “disposable” as possible makes it easy for students.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.