Updates and Reminders (Also on Dojo)

Thanks to everyone for attending office hours and our Google Meet on Tuesday! It has been nice to see so many faces this week. Here are a few reminders and updates:

Penn Manor has released information about grading guidelines for the fourth marking period. Please visit this link for details about these guidelines. For information about viewing your child’s assignments/grades in Sapphire, please click here.

Teachers will have access to the building next week to pack up student belongings that were left behind in desks and cubbies. Please take a moment to fill out this survey for your child. I am asking that responses be submitted no later than next Thursday (May 7). Thank you!

April 20th -24th Updates

Good Afternoon,
A few important updates for parents and students:

1) Take a breath and pat yourself on the back. All of you (parents and students) are doing 
an awesome job teaching from home. I know it is not easy. 
If you ever feel like school is overwhelming, please reach out to me.

2) “Grades” for last week are in the grade book. Students will have an “R” for 
received if they completed the assignment.  “EX” is for excused. The excused is only used 
for math, as students only needed to complete two of the three projects last week. If you 
feel that there is a discrepancy in the grade book please reach out to me.

3) The new material for this week has been added to our Google Classroom and the District Website. All the lessons this week are new content and will go in the grade book as an R. 
Please submit materials on Google Classroom or by whatever means is easiest.

4) We will have a Google Meet for the class on Tuesday @ 10:30 AM. I am making the 
Google Meet earlier to provide more time for students to work on assignments and keep 
my office hours open. If your student cannot make the class meeting that is perfectly fine. 
Remember they can meet with me during office hours from 9-9:30 AM and 4-4:30 PM Monday – Friday. I will keep Fridays open for appointments with students who may need help finishing work at the close of the week.

Enjoy the end of weekend!

Class Meeting

Tomorrow, I would like to have a WHOLE class Google Meet. 

The meeting will be at 4:00,
 and I will send out the link on Google Classroom and Dojo.

I also thought it would be wise to have some guidelines for our Google meet:

1. Try to find a quiet place to participate in the meet.
2. Do not forget that Google meet uses video, so I expect you to be dressed 
casually but appropriately.
2. Make sure you “mute” your microphone when you first join the meet.
3. I will call on each participant, one at a time, to talk. When it is your turn, you can 
unmute your microphone and talk to the other students. When you are finished, 
you should mute your microphone again.
4. It will take a bit of practice for us to participate in a way so that we are not talking over each other.
5. If this works, I would like to try to “meet” at a predetermined time each week.

See you tomorrow!

Mr. T

April 13th -17th

Hey Fourth Grade Families!

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I have copied all of the assignments from our district site (District Site) to our Google Classroom. My goal is to make it easier for students to submit work, and receive my feedback. Parents can also be added to students’ classrooms to receive updates on their student’s progress. Please, just Dojo me or email me your preferred email and I will add you. Parents will receive an email asking how frequently they want updates on their student’s work in the classroom: weekly, daily, or monthly.

In Google Classroom, I have given students extra templates to assist them in completing projects, and make it easier to submit their work. Students, be sure to press the “submit” or “Turn in” button to ensure I know you are finished working on a project.

Every day I’ll have “office hours” from 9:00-9:30 AM and 4:30-5:00 PM, in case you have questions on how to complete something, or need some tech troubleshooting. Just send me a Dojo, Email, or Hang Out and I’ll get right back to you ASAP during those hours to help answer your questions.

Lastly, I will give individual feedback for everything that is submitted to me to help guide learning. Starting this week, there will also be an “R” in Sapphire under that subject to show that students have submitted the work.

I will be contacting each of you personally either Monday or Tuesday to check in and see if you have any questions. Students, I can’t wait to see your projects. Work hard and be creative.

Mr. T

Friday, April 10th is a School Holiday.

This is a reminder that Thursday, April 9, and Monday, April 13, are weather make-up days, and school will be “in session” via remote learning on both of those dates. Friday, April 10, is a holiday for all students, faculty, support staff and administrators.