Assembly and Fundraiser

Today we had an assembly, where we learned about our school fundraiser and new school initiatives. The fundraiser forms are coming home today with your students.

The school initiative focused on optimism. It is our word of the month. If a student is showing optimism they can be recognized, by teachers or staff, and receive a “shout out” on our school bulletin board!

Spelling tests also came home today. Remember,they can be initialed and sent back with your student to receive a ClassDojo point.

Have a wonderful weekend, and as always let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

-Mr. Thompson

Reminder: 9_21_2017

Reminder: Tomorrow we have both a Spelling and Math test.

The math homework is a review unit. It is a packet of three pages. We did much of it in class, in-fact a few students finished it completely.

Below is the Hundreds Chart we utilize in class. Your student can use this as needed.

The assigned reading tonight is a one page read aloud, to practice Oral Fluency. Have your student read this selection to you.

If they finish quickly they can read a book of their choice for fun!

Have a great night!

Mr. Thompson

Early Dismissal


Martic will be dismissing students early at 1:00 today, 9/20/17, due to a burst pipe.  Buses will be running for student pick up.

Please let me know if  you have any questions or concerns.



Mr. Thompson

A Busy Day in Second Grade

Today was another fast paced day in room B111.  We worked in our Poem Book’s, read “Henry and Mudge”, and continued our work with subtraction.
                          *”Henry and Mudge” is the assigned reading for tonight.

In science, our mealworms have arrived and are ready to teach us about animal life cycles!  The next lessons in science will cover plant and animal life cycles, scientific classification, adaptations, and habitats.  All the scientists are excited to observe, investigate, experiment, and learn together!


Spelling Lists for Week of 9/11/17-9/15/17

Good Morning Everyone!

This week there are two  lists of words:  the Spelling List and the Challenge List Students only have to study the list that is in their Take Home Folder.  Both lists this week are more difficult than the previous weeks and will take some extra studying.

Plant Cells

Our second grade scientists made models of plant cells out of Play-Doh.  Their models had to contain chloroplasts, cell walls, cell membranes, a nucleus, mitochondrion, and a vacuole.  All of the scientists did an excellent job, and made some very colorful cells.    Our next task will be to scientifically classify living things!



Matific allows your student to learn through hands on and discovery models.  It is engaging and a great resource for extra math practice.

Here is the website: Matific

You can use your child’s login information at home!  (It is found in their take home folders.)