Important Updates!

Below are two links to Martic blog posts regarding “Item Pick-Up” and “Meeting Next Year’s Teacher”, please read each post.

Here is the information for “Meet Next Years Teacher”:

Every year we plan a “move up event” for the purpose of children meeting their new teacher for the following year. This happens during the day and is helpful for children to transition to the next grade level and also helps students see who will be in their classroom next year.

We plan to host our move up day again this year, but it will be virtually. Every child will get to spend about 20 minutes with their new classroom teacher. This special event will happen on May 28th. The schedule is below. In order for you to join the session, you will need to get the log in link from your current classroom teacher. They will email you. To plan ahead, please see the schedule below.

Moving into 1st grade: 9:30 AM (this is for current kindergarten students)
Moving into 2nd grade: 10:00 AM (this is for current first graders)
Moving into 3rd grade: 10:30 AM (this is for current second graders)
Moving into 4th grade: 12:30 PM (this is for current third graders)
Moving into 5th grade: 11:30 AM (this is for current fourth graders)
Moving into 6th grade: 12:00 PM (this is for current fifth graders)

Here is the information for “Picking Up Items from School”:

We would like to invite all of our families to enjoy a drive-thru visit to Martic to pick up your child’s belongings on Tuesday, May 26th. This will include spiritwear and all of their belongings.  We are keeping our fingers crossed about yearbooks, but do not think we will have them by this date.     Families may pick up their belongings between 3:00 PM-7:00 PM.   This is not a requirement, but if you would like these items we will be available to distribute these in drive thru format.  

In order to help us coordinate this effort, we would appreciate the following: 

  • Please have a sign with a child’s name displayed in the front window of the car.   
  • Please stay inside your car and a staff member will hand you the bags.
  • We ask that the person lowering the car window to receive the bags be wearing a mask, as our staff will be wearing masks.           
  • Depending on the traffic behind you at the time, please be mindful that conversations will need to be brief.                                                       
  • Remember that we are smiling behind our masks. 

Please also use this time if you need to return items to your teachers or the school.  As long as you are staying in the district your child may keep the school computer.  If you are moving out of the district please return it on May 26th.

Updates for Monday 5/4

I hope everyone was able to take a break and enjoy the weekend. The work for this week is posted to Google Classroom and the District Remote Learning Site. There will be a Google Class Meet tomorrow at 10:45.  The link will be available in Google Classroom.  Remember to fill out the survey for student classroom belongings.  I will be in school this week, which means my cell service will be a little spotty, therefore if you need additional office hours please reach out. Everyone is doing a great job!

Updates and Reminders (Also on Dojo)

Thanks to everyone for attending office hours and our Google Meet on Tuesday! It has been nice to see so many faces this week. Here are a few reminders and updates:

Penn Manor has released information about grading guidelines for the fourth marking period. Please visit this link for details about these guidelines. For information about viewing your child’s assignments/grades in Sapphire, please click here.

Teachers will have access to the building next week to pack up student belongings that were left behind in desks and cubbies. Please take a moment to fill out this survey for your child. I am asking that responses be submitted no later than next Thursday (May 7). Thank you!

April 13th -17th

Hey Fourth Grade Families!

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I have copied all of the assignments from our district site (District Site) to our Google Classroom. My goal is to make it easier for students to submit work, and receive my feedback. Parents can also be added to students’ classrooms to receive updates on their student’s progress. Please, just Dojo me or email me your preferred email and I will add you. Parents will receive an email asking how frequently they want updates on their student’s work in the classroom: weekly, daily, or monthly.

In Google Classroom, I have given students extra templates to assist them in completing projects, and make it easier to submit their work. Students, be sure to press the “submit” or “Turn in” button to ensure I know you are finished working on a project.

Every day I’ll have “office hours” from 9:00-9:30 AM and 4:30-5:00 PM, in case you have questions on how to complete something, or need some tech troubleshooting. Just send me a Dojo, Email, or Hang Out and I’ll get right back to you ASAP during those hours to help answer your questions.

Lastly, I will give individual feedback for everything that is submitted to me to help guide learning. Starting this week, there will also be an “R” in Sapphire under that subject to show that students have submitted the work.

I will be contacting each of you personally either Monday or Tuesday to check in and see if you have any questions. Students, I can’t wait to see your projects. Work hard and be creative.

Mr. T

Friday, April 10th is a School Holiday.

This is a reminder that Thursday, April 9, and Monday, April 13, are weather make-up days, and school will be “in session” via remote learning on both of those dates. Friday, April 10, is a holiday for all students, faculty, support staff and administrators.

Some Classroom Updates:

Some Quick Classroom Updates:

We voted today with our Senate and House of Representatives on proposed bills to change our classroom.  Two proposed bills have been approved by the executive branch (myself) to become law. This was after extensive debate and voting by students in our General Assembly.  Here are the two new laws that can start tomorrow:

  1. The Gum Chewing Law:  Students may now chew gum during class to help with focus.  Gum may not be outside of the classroom or played with.  All gum must be disposed of when leaving the room.  Gum can be brought from home to chew during class. 
  2. The Dojo Prize Law:  All prize rewards that total greater than 10 Dojo Dollars will be reduced by $10 in price.  This includes class rewards.

All of the students did a great job and took this very seriously.  These “laws” will stay in effect until challenged by the Judicial Branch to see if they are classroom constitutional.

PTO Coupon booklets need returned if you are not planning to buy the Coupon Book for the fundraiser. The cost is $25.

Posted to our Class Story is the TDA prompt for Danitra Brown, if your student is working on some of it at home.

Reminder: Spring Pictures Tomorrow, February 26th

***Our pictures are at 10:10 AM on the stage in the Cafeteria.***

Tuesday, Feb 26 is Spring Picture Day
Order Spring Pictures
Martic Elementary School Spring Pictures
Picture Day is: Tuesday, Feb 26 
Picture Day ID: LT138572Q0
There is only one day left to order before Picture Day.

Important: Return your completed flyer to school with your child on Picture Day to make sure that your child is photographed.

Tutoring Reminder

Book and Globe

A reminder that this Tuesday, January 8th , tutoring sessions and Coding/STEM club begin. Tutoring in mathematics will be held on Tuesdays, and language arts (ELA)  will be on Thursdays. The Coding/STEM club will be held on Wednesdays.  All sessions run until 4:30 PM and students can be picked up in the Martic school lobby.  Students can attend on an as needed or desired basis. A student does not have to sign up and attend every week.  If your student would like to attend, please give 24 hour notice and send in a note for the office for after school pick up.  A small snack will be provided, but you may also send one with your student.

If students attend the Coding/STEM club, it may be expected that they will build on skills learned in the previous weeks, or work on multi-week projects.