Friday, April 10th is a School Holiday.

This is a reminder that Thursday, April 9, and Monday, April 13, are weather make-up days, and school will be “in session” via remote learning on both of those dates. Friday, April 10, is a holiday for all students, faculty, support staff and administrators.

Some Classroom Updates:

Some Quick Classroom Updates:

We voted today with our Senate and House of Representatives on proposed bills to change our classroom.  Two proposed bills have been approved by the executive branch (myself) to become law. This was after extensive debate and voting by students in our General Assembly.  Here are the two new laws that can start tomorrow:

  1. The Gum Chewing Law:  Students may now chew gum during class to help with focus.  Gum may not be outside of the classroom or played with.  All gum must be disposed of when leaving the room.  Gum can be brought from home to chew during class. 
  2. The Dojo Prize Law:  All prize rewards that total greater than 10 Dojo Dollars will be reduced by $10 in price.  This includes class rewards.

All of the students did a great job and took this very seriously.  These “laws” will stay in effect until challenged by the Judicial Branch to see if they are classroom constitutional.

PTO Coupon booklets need returned if you are not planning to buy the Coupon Book for the fundraiser. The cost is $25.

Posted to our Class Story is the TDA prompt for Danitra Brown, if your student is working on some of it at home.

Reminder: Spring Pictures Tomorrow, February 26th

***Our pictures are at 10:10 AM on the stage in the Cafeteria.***

Tuesday, Feb 26 is Spring Picture Day
Order Spring Pictures
Martic Elementary School Spring Pictures
Picture Day is: Tuesday, Feb 26 
Picture Day ID: LT138572Q0
There is only one day left to order before Picture Day.

Important: Return your completed flyer to school with your child on Picture Day to make sure that your child is photographed.

Tutoring Reminder

Book and Globe

A reminder that this Tuesday, January 8th , tutoring sessions and Coding/STEM club begin. Tutoring in mathematics will be held on Tuesdays, and language arts (ELA)  will be on Thursdays. The Coding/STEM club will be held on Wednesdays.  All sessions run until 4:30 PM and students can be picked up in the Martic school lobby.  Students can attend on an as needed or desired basis. A student does not have to sign up and attend every week.  If your student would like to attend, please give 24 hour notice and send in a note for the office for after school pick up.  A small snack will be provided, but you may also send one with your student.

If students attend the Coding/STEM club, it may be expected that they will build on skills learned in the previous weeks, or work on multi-week projects.