Fourth Grade Field Trip Update

We are sad to report our decision to cancel the 4th grade field trip at this 
time. Our fourth grade team will plan something amazing to replace this

We deeply regret having to cancel this wonderful experience for our learners, but we understand the course of action given the circumstances

Learning about Jobs in Coding from a Google!

Today we had a wonderful experience talking to Felix from Google. He talked about his job at Google and how he decided to pursue a career in computer science. The students learned a lot and it was a really meaningful experience. Thank you Judy Keller for setting all of it up and making it possible.

Google Conference Call

Greek Feast

Dear 4th Grade Parents,

Our class just completed reading, “The Lightning Thief”, by Rick Riordan.  To culminate our unit on mythology, we will have a Greek Feast on Friday, May 24th.  During the feast, students are allowed to dress as their favorite mythological character (including ones they created through their own writings). However, they certainly do not have to dress up for the event if they prefer not to. 

Greek Food

At the feast, students will be allowed to try Mediterranean food and other treats that correspond with our reading, as we watch Disney’s Hercules (rated G).  Students will compare and contrast how characters and myths were portrayed in “The Lightning Thief” with how the same characters are represented in “Hercules”. 

Students do not need to bring anything for the Greek Feast.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Mr. Thompson