2018 Resolutions

Today we wrote our resolutions for 2018!

We put them on marshmallows that float on top of our hot chocolate.  The marshmallows help remind us to put our resolution on top of our priority list, and then we can enjoy the sweetness of achieving our goals in the new year.

Door decorated with a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows.  The marshmallows have New Year's resolutions written on them.

Pumpkin Math

Second Grade did some wonderful pumpkin math on Friday, October 27th.  Students measured their pumpkin’s circumference, weighed their pumpkins, made scientific observations, and graphed the number of seeds.  Second grade is full of mathematicians.

Pumpkin Math Pumpkin seeds Pumpkin Math Students pulling the insides out of a pumpkin. Students working on pumpkins! Students counting pumpkin seeds. Pumpkins ready for pumpkin math.

A Busy Day in Second Grade

Today was another fast paced day in room B111.  We worked in our Poem Book’s, read “Henry and Mudge”, and continued our work with subtraction.
                          *”Henry and Mudge” is the assigned reading for tonight.

In science, our mealworms have arrived and are ready to teach us about animal life cycles!  The next lessons in science will cover plant and animal life cycles, scientific classification, adaptations, and habitats.  All the scientists are excited to observe, investigate, experiment, and learn together!


Week 2 Reminders

It has been a great second week!

A few quick reminders:

Your child may have a healthy snack in the morning if you permit it.  Please remember that snacks to be eaten in class must have no peanuts, as we have a few friends with allergies.

Our first spelling test is tomorrow, Thursday August 31st!

There will be no homework on weekends except for readings of students’ choice.

No School on Friday, August 31st  and Monday, September 4th for Labor Day Vacation

A special thanks to Colton F. for continuing to make me feel at home in Martic.


Our class ended the day by celebrating Douglas Florian’s poem Watermelon , by enjoying the actual thing!


Teamwork and Persistence Through Spaghetti Towers

Yesterday, students were challenged to work in pairs to create a Spaghetti Tower.  Their goal was to build the tallest tower they could, that would hold a large campfire marshmallow for 10 seconds without toppling over.  However, they had constraints! Students were only allowed 3 feet of masking tape, a limited number of dry spaghetti noodles, and 30 minutes to complete their design. All of the second graders did a fabulous job, and every tower was able to hold the marshmallow for 10 seconds.

Great First Day!

We had a great first day in second grade.  We made banners about ourselves in reading, constructed spaghetti towers during math, and launched a film canister rocket for science.  Also, our class started using ClassDojo to encourage one another other to be bucket fillers!  Excited for Friday!

ClassDojo Monsters at Desks
ClassDojo Monsters hard at work!

Welcome to Second Grade!

I am thrilled to be teaching second grade at Martic!  We are all going to have a great year and accomplish wonderful things together.  Below is a link to my Second Grade Welcome Letter. I can’t wait to meet everyone .


Minions excited for school
They are excited for August 24th! I hope you are too!

-Mr. Thompson