Reminders for Nov. 6th – 10th

Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the week.  Here are a few quick updates for this week (Nov. 6th -10th):

Math: Still focusing on subtraction this week with regrouping.

Reading: Reader’s Theater about Fire Stations.

Social Studies: Native Americans and Geography


THURSDAY at 10:45 is our class’s Book Fair time!

WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and FRIDAY 1:30 dismissal for half days.

Books, Apple, and Writing

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences

I can’t wait to see everyone this week at Parent-Teacher Conferences!  To better understand your student’s successes, learning styles, and personal goals, here are a few questions to consider:

  • What is your student’s favorite school subject?
  • What is your student most interested in at home? (dinosaurs, books, playing outside, etc.)
  • What is the most challenging thing for your student about school?
  • Do you have any concerns about your student’s peer interactions?
  • What is something your student excels at?
  • How does your student feel about school?
  • How do you feel about your student’s homework assignments? How much assistance do you provide? When does your child complete their homework?
  • What is the most important learning goal for your student to achieve in second grade?

As always, thank you for all that you do each day, and for providing feedback.  Let me know if any additional questions or concerns.



Mr. Thompson

Pumpkin Math

Second Grade did some wonderful pumpkin math on Friday, October 27th.  Students measured their pumpkin’s circumference, weighed their pumpkins, made scientific observations, and graphed the number of seeds.  Second grade is full of mathematicians.

Pumpkin Math Pumpkin seeds Pumpkin Math Students pulling the insides out of a pumpkin. Students working on pumpkins! Students counting pumpkin seeds. Pumpkins ready for pumpkin math.

Red Ribbon Week

October 23rd ~ Peace Out to Drugs- Wear tie dye!

October 24th ~ Stomp On Drugs!  Wear boots!

October 25th ~ Be a Drug Free Team!-Wear a team jersey or any team spirit wear.

October 26th ~ Put a Cap on Drugs!  Wear a favorite hat!

October 27th~ Be a Smartie- Don’t Do Drugs!  Kids will receive Smarties.

Superhero Math in Martic

It was another busy day in second grade!  We took our spelling test, practiced writing paragraphs, used problem solving skills to decipher word problems, and learned about the countries in North America.

However, the greatest excitement was from our Superhero Math assembly! Students learned how important math is to everything  they do each day, both at school and at home! Our class had some great volunteers. Ryley is the Incredible Hulk and Colton is holding the 12 foot magic wand!


Superhero Student Math Assembly.  Student holding a large magic wand participating in assembly.
Superhero Math

Superhero Math Assembly.  Students participating on stage. Superhero Math Assembly and students participating on stage. Students solving number sentences on stage. Students solving number sentences on stage. Students solving number sentences on stage. Students solving number sentences on stage.