Career and Flip Flop Day

We have had some great dress up days recently. Martic students dressed as teachers, and teachers dressed as students. It was like a Flip Flop Day! Also, on February 22nd we participated in Career Day. All of the students did a great job dressing as a career they respect or aspire to have.

Career Day
Teachers and Students dress like each other
Students dressed as Teachers, and Teachers dressed as Students.
Career Day
Great job Colton!

Looking for a few chaperons.

We are looking for a few parent chaperons for our field trip to the State Capitol Building on Thursday, March 14th. If you are interested please let me know. The school must have all of your updated clearances. I will start reaching out to interested parents on Friday. (Email or Dojo are the easiest ways to get in contact)

If you have any additional questions about the field trip, please feel free to contact me.

STEM CLUB: Water Filters

In our after school STEM Club, students have been working to construct water filters. Their objective is to build the least expensive (from commonly available parts) water filter, that cleans the water the best, and the quickest.

Students purchase materials and evaluate their possible scores, given how much money they spent, using a cost analysis rubric. Next, they test their materials to see what works best and redesign their filters if needed.

The water is judged on color, clarity, smell, and particles.

Students have done an amazing job designing, creating, and testing their filters!

Testing a water filter with gravel.
A gravel based water filter.
Charcoal water filter.
Charcoal based water filter.
Testing a water filter.
Testing a filter.