LEGO Robots

Students have been learning to build and program robots over the last few weeks. It has been so exciting to see students creativity and hard work. In the coming days, 4th grade is going to test their knowledge of coding and robotic by independently teaching the skills to second graders!

Egg Geodes!

We made eggshell geodes in science. Some students prepared a super-saturated solution of hot water and Alum powder. This process demonstrates how geodes form in sedimentary and igneous rocks! Here is a link to complete the experiment at home:,the%20egg%20using%20your%20fingers.&text=Pour%20half%20a%20cup%20to,Stir%20it%20until%20it%20dissolves.

Learning about Jobs in Coding from a Google!

Today we had a wonderful experience talking to Felix from Google. He talked about his job at Google and how he decided to pursue a career in computer science. The students learned a lot and it was a really meaningful experience. Thank you Judy Keller for setting all of it up and making it possible.

Google Conference Call

Atoms, Molecules, and Elements

We had a great time building atoms out of M&Ms and molecules out of toothpicks and gumdrops! Students learned to find the atomic number, atomic mass, symbol, and structure of elements on the periodic table. Students distinguished between elements, molecules, and atoms.