You Asked for It! Part 1

Out of those parents who responded to our BRAGGING RIGHTS survey last month, approximately 59% chose EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION as the number one social skill they would like to see developed in their child.

ACTIVE LISTENING and SOCIAL PROBLEM-SOLVING both came in a close second. These three skills are closely related to one another, so over the next month or so, we will share some insight into how we can work together to improve these important life skills.

Here are some facts that may help …

Effective communication with your teenager can help you both feel happier and more connected in your relationship, and more confident about having difficult conversations and resolving conflicts.

What Kind of Communicator is Your Child?

Consider sitting down with your child and answering the following questions together.


• Do you try to push your feelings away rather than express them to others?

• Do you worry expressing yourself will cause others to be angry or to not like you?

• Do you often go along with others’ opinions because you don’t want to be different?


• Are you concerned with getting your own way, regardless of how it affects others?

• Do you often yell, swear or use other aggressive means of communicating?

• Do you not care if others get what they need as long as your needs are met?


• Do you have a tendency to be sarcastic in conversations with others?

• Do you give people the silent treatment when you’re angry with them?

• Do you often find yourself saying one thing but really thinking another?


• Do you believe you have the right to express your opinions and emotions?

• Do you treat others with respect and respect yourself during communication?

• Do you listen closely to what other people are saying, sending the message that you’re trying to understand their perspective?

The best way to communicate is by being assertive. Next time, we will share some things that will help your teen in developing the skills necessary to get points across effectively and improve the quality of his or her relationships.

Excerpted from “Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life for Teens” (March 2011, New Harbinger). 

Something to think about…

Other upcoming events: 

  • January 17, 2022 Martin Luther King Holiday No School Teachers & Students
  • January 21, 2022 Inservice for Teachers No School for Students
  • January 28, 2022 Early Dismissal

By the way, if you haven’t completed the BRAGGING RIGHTS survey, you may still do so!

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