Pajama Day Monday

Monday, 4-15 is Pajama day to kick start and support PSSA testing that happens in third through sixth grade. Wear your favorite, school appropriate PJs!

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Scholastic Book Order

Class Code – VCHWD

Order Due Date –  04/02/19

Support Your Child’s Reading Success!

Dear Families,

Did you know? Kids who read for just 20 minutes a day are more successful in school and life. Ordering from Scholastic Book Clubs is an easy way to find the best books that are just right for your child’s grade and interests.

Here’s how:

Choose books with your child from the paper flyers or online at and then type in our class code:

Bonus: This month, you can pick a FREE Book (up to $5) when you place an online order of $25 or more!

As soon as your order is delivered to our classroom, I will send it home with your child.

Plus every order you place earns FREE Books for our class to share.

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Lesson 21 Spelling Words

Test on 3-26

out, town, count, crowd, ground, now, found, crown, sound, down

Challenge words: surround, without, cowboy, powerful, cloudless

On Thursday, students may bring in money to spend at the book fair during their library time at 1:55. There are different items that students can buy, including posters and different small toys. Please specify to your child if you only want them to buy a book.

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Lesson 19 Spelling Words

Spelling test on 3/8
gear, deer, fear, year, cheer, near, hear, clear, steer, rear

Challenge Words:
appear, pioneer, volunteer, earrings, nearby

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Dr. Seuss Theme Next Week

Dress up to celebrate Dr. Seuss with us!

Monday- crazy hair

Tuesday- twin day

Wednesday- hat day

Thursday- crazy socks

Friday- wear green

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Lesson 18 Spelling Words and Math Test

Spelling Test on 2/28:
join, boil, joy, soil, noise, boy, voice, point, toy, coin
Challenge words: destroy, avoid, annoy, loyal, enjoy

Chapter 8 Money Test will be on Monday. See math worksheets that come home each night to help practice counting pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters up to one dollar.

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Lesson 17 Spelling Words and Announcement

Test on: 2-14

heavy, steady, bread, sweat, head, thread, breath, ready, meant, health

Challenge Words: meadow, instead, breakfast, treasure, feather

We will be exchanging Valentines with our class on 2-14 in the afternoon. The class list (17 students) is posted on the main page on my blog. If you are interested in helping to provide pretzels or juice boxes for the party, please email me at

We will also be having an activity with our 5th grade buddies on 2-15. I asked each student to make or purchase an inexpensive card or treat that they can give to their buddies!

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Lesson 16 Spelling Words

We will also be dismissed at 12pm today (1-29) due to the forecast.

Test on 2-5

knot, wrong, know, wreck, graph, wrap, knife, tough, phone, laugh

Challenge words:
elephant, photograph, handwriting, knuckle, enough

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Lesson 15 Spelling Words

This is a review week.

Test on: 1/28

wish, catch, bath, very, money, huge, price, stir, turn, learn

Have a nice long weekend. See you Tuesday! Also, a reminder that Friday is a 1:30 dismissal.

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Scholastic Book Orders

Class Code – Q8Z3T

Order Due Date – 01/25/19

Subject: Scholastic Book Clubs Class Order Due Date is approaching!

Dear Families,

This is a friendly reminder that your Book Clubs orders are due by 01/25/19. You can place your orders online at using my class activation code: Q8Z3T

Happy Reading,
Mrs. Rook

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