Leaving your MARK

This year, Hambright leaders learned about and began leaving their MARK each day!  Though we have gone to online learning, the year is not over yet. Leaders, we want you to continue to Make good choices, Act kindly, Respect yourself and others, and Keep being your best.  

Parents/Guardians:  We want to know when your sons and daughters are leaving their MARK at home.  Let us know by emailing your student’s homeroom teacher (teresa.rook@pennmanor.net) .  Please include the student’s name, grade level, date, and a description of how he/she was seen leaving a MARK at home.  Here is an example:

Talia Jones

Grade 4 


When Talia woke up, she asked her mom how she could help out around the house during the day.

Students who earn Virtual Leader Tickets by leaving a MARK at home will get a shoutout on the Hambright blog.

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