Virtual Race for Education

Hello Hambright! Hope you all are doing well sheltering at home! Mrs. Gerlach and Mrs. Hanna miss you and are so sad we won’t be doing our traditional Race for Education this year. However, we are excited to inform you that we are still going to have an event in which you all can participate! We need your help though!

This year we are going to have a virtual 2020 Race for Education! On Thursday May 14th, we want you to go outside and walk or run laps around your house, your back yard, at a park or around your block for 30 minutes. Keep track of your laps! Then send a photo of yourself with a sign telling us the number of laps you completed!  Wear your Hambright Leader shirts or Penn Manor colors to show your school spirit.

Please email your photos to by Wednesday, May 20th. We will put a video together with all the photos. We will then share the video so you can see other students and how many laps we ran as a whole school! 

Thank you,

Jamie Gerlach and Shannon Hanna, race coordinators

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Online Learning and Meetings

Thank you for all your hard work. I am impressed by each of you. Parents, thank you for being such a strong support for your children. Remember, each of the specialists also have a section for you to access their work. Tomorrow, we will meet again for a class call. This is optional. Please remember to dress as if you are in school if you are on video. Also, only use the chat option for appropriate questions or to say hello to others. Have a fantastic day. I hope you all enjoy this beautiful weather!

Here are the activities for this week:

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Class Meeting at 1 Today

Here’s the link again:

If you plan to join, bring something that you’d like to share with the group! It can be a toy or something you made, anything! Can’t wait to see everyone!

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Creative Clocks!

Thank you to everyone that has been sending in work. If you still haven’t made your clock for the week, here are some great, easy ways to make a clock at home! Good job everyone!

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Virtual Car Parade by Hambright Teachers!

I hope you enjoy!

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Work this Week

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Just as a reminder, here is the new work for this week.

Don’t forget to join us tomorrow for our optional class meeting at 1:00 p.m. See you all there!

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Your Best Poem

Dr. Mealy put together a poem with some teachers. See if you can find what word I am holding! Have a great day!

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Weekly Virtual Class Meetings

I think I have figured out the best way to meet each week. You should have received a calendar invite from me just now. Each Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. whoever wants to join in the class call, can. Here is the information if you didn’t receive it in the email. We should be able to use this link each week. Keep working hard everyone!

Join Hangouts Meet
Join by phone
+1 541-897-2564 (PIN: 404538630)
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Leaving your MARK

This year, Hambright leaders learned about and began leaving their MARK each day!  Though we have gone to online learning, the year is not over yet. Leaders, we want you to continue to Make good choices, Act kindly, Respect yourself and others, and Keep being your best.  

Parents/Guardians:  We want to know when your sons and daughters are leaving their MARK at home.  Let us know by emailing your student’s homeroom teacher ( .  Please include the student’s name, grade level, date, and a description of how he/she was seen leaving a MARK at home.  Here is an example:

Talia Jones

Grade 4 


When Talia woke up, she asked her mom how she could help out around the house during the day.

Students who earn Virtual Leader Tickets by leaving a MARK at home will get a shoutout on the Hambright blog.

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Meetings in the Future

Hi everyone, it was really nice seeing some of you today. I know a handful of you had trouble connecting. That is most likely my mistake. I’m hoping to get better at this each week so that everyone who wants to join, can. I think it would be nice to meet once a week. I will send a note out for a time next week and figure out the best way to send the link so that it works right the first time. Thank you for your patience! Parents, grandparents, guardians, you are all doing a wonderful job! Kids, I miss you and keep up the good work! Hope to “see” everyone soon!

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