Google Meet Tuesday at 1 PM

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great day. As usual, thank you for doing such a great job on the assignments that are being posted. I want to try and meet with whoever would like to join, tomorrow at 1 p.m. on Google Meet. There is a video option so we can all see each other! It may be a little chaotic, but we will try! On a smart phone, you will probably need the “Meet” app. On a laptop or computer, I believe you can just use the link below. If you don’t want to use video you can just dial the number below. If this link doesn’t work when I try it at 1 tomorrow, I will send another one out via this blog right away. Hope to see you there!

To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 432-693-9067 and enter this PIN: 457 507 175#

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Upcoming Work

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying these beautiful days! I miss everyone and love seeing the work you have been submitting. If you haven’t sent me any work yet, please start doing so next week. There will be specific assignments that we will be asking you to turn in. Thank you for working hard and completing the work that was posted for our first round of online learning.

“As the Penn Manor School District moves forward with online learning, students and parents/guardians can expect that new learning activities will be posted on the district website each Monday starting Monday, April 13, 2020.”

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Note about Resources

Hi everyone! I love seeing all the work you are sending to me! If you haven’t noticed, our specialists also posted ideas and activities to do. They would love to hear from you too!

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Hi everyone!

It was so nice talking to everyone on the phone last week. If I left you a message, email me with the best time to get hold of you! Here’s a reminder if you haven’t subscribed to the Hambright Blog, do so today so you get the updates throughout this week! Click on the link below and then type your email in the space provided. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Please subscribe to Hambright’s Blog

I hope everyone is doing well on this rainy day. You will see information and resources posted on the Hambright Blog by Monday. A teacher from Hambright will be calling each of you between now and Friday! If you don’t hear from me, you’ll hear from another teacher that your child sees during the school day. Can’t wait to talk to you!

You can subscribe using this link.
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I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. Sorry you haven’t heard from me yet. The district has been working on the best way to move forward in this unique situation. This is surely a special time, but we will get through it together.

Some reminders of resources we have access to online:

Razkids: username: trook0 , all student passwords: duck

Math Facts: username under orange classroom tab: password: 2rook2 Each student has an unique 4 digit pin then to enter in next to their name. Email me if they forget theirs! All words are listed here for all lessons and all free games can be played. The kids have used this site in class. It has all subject matter, but we used it mostly for math!

You will see more resources in the near future. I miss you all dearly and hope to see you soon! Email me with any questions!

-Mrs. Rook

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Lesson 21 Spelling Words

Test on 3-16

out, town, count, crowd, ground, now, found, crown, sound, down

Challenge: surround, without, cowboy, powerful, cloudless

1:30 early dismissal on Friday

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Scholastic Book Orders

Time to shop for books again!

Place Your Order By:



Use our Class Code:


Or click “Find Your Teacher” and choose me.

Choose your books, pay with credit card or PayPal, and submit your order.

Scholastic Book Clubs Paper Flyer:

Choose your books, fill out the order form, and return to me with a check made out to Scholastic Book Clubs.

Your books will come to our class, and I’ll hand them out for your child to take home.

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Lesson 20 Spelling Words

Test on 3/6

Review week, no challenge words











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I hope everyone is having a good start to their week! We have one week left to collect labels for our Race for Education! This is our biggest fundraiser for our school and allows us to do many fun things throughout the year. Don’t forget to bring those labels in!

Also don’t forget that we have RAZ-Kids accounts in our classroom. This is a great tool to use at home for your child to read and show comprehension. After they earn stars, they can also build their robot! I sent papers home earlier in the year, but here are the instructions again.

Kids A-Z Login Instructions

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter or choose the teacher’s username, trook0

Step 3: Your child finds his or her username on the class chart (all passwords are the duck)

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