Specials/Class List

We have a 4 day cycle of specials. Please come prepared!

Day A –Applied Technology (first half of the school year)/Library

Day B – Art

Day C – Physical Education (wear sneakers)

Day D – Music

There are 26 students in our class.

Ethan Anderson
Cole Baker
Shelbi Caldwell
Charleigh Chehi
Trent Cintron
Lucas Fisher
Anyaris Fuertes
Easton Heald
Zakary Holbein
Autumn Keener
Julian Lamourt
Sophia Leon
Marissa Lighty
Dylan O’Neill
Kyle Pack
Vos Raber
Aiden Seyfried
Harper Shenk
Nishika Subedi
Brayden Sweigart
Trinity Timms
Angel Torres
Tyler White
Sophia Yost
Cassaundra Zebold
Ernest Denlinger