Transition to In-Person Learning 🏫

Last night the school board held their November 2nd meeting. Below is the decision made by the school board.

The Penn Manor school board has reaffirmed a plan to transition to full, in-person learning beginning Monday, November 9. The plan was approved September 21, 2020.

Here is the schedule that students will follow:

November 9 – Students in grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 12 will begin full in-person instruction. Students in other grades will continue in the Blended Learning hybrid format during this week.
November 16 – Students in grades 8, 10 and 11 will begin full in-person instruction.

Parents will be notified by school principals about the impact of these changes on school procedures.

Penn Manor Virtual School will continue to operate in its current format through the 2020-2021 school year. Information on the program is available here. Parents must contact their child’s principal before switching to virtual instruction.  

Personal Safety Lesson

Hello Families! The following message comes from our school counselor, Dr. Madara.

Dear Fourth Grade Families, 

Every year, the Penn Manor Elementary School Counselors provide a Personal Safety Program for all fourth grade students. We present this program in a positive, non-threatening manner, using an age-appropriate video entitled, “Dealing with Abuse: If It Happens to You” by Human Relations Media.  Dr. Egan, our Assistant Superintendent, has approved this video.  We discuss “okay” and “not okay” touches, learning to trust feelings and instincts, establishing the concept of private areas, being assertive, and asking for help. 

Classes in fourth grade at Central Manor will be receiving this lesson the week of May 17th, 2021.

If you would like your child excused from the program, please notify me in writing no later than May 13, 2021.


Dr. Shannon Madara

(717)872-1401 ext 3203

School Counselor

Red Ribbon Week!👩‍⚕️

October 26th – October 30th

Dear Central Manor Families:

This year Central Manor students and staff are invited to participate in “National Red Ribbon Week”, October 26th – October 30th.  “Red Ribbon Week” is observed to promote a healthy lifestyle, drug prevention, and making positive choices.  We will be having the following spirit days to reinforce the message of staying healthy and drug-free:

  • Monday, 10/26/20 – “Be Happy! We’re REaDy for Red Ribbon Week”
    Wear the color red.
  • Tuesday, 10/27/20 – “Team Up Against Drugs!”
    Wear your favorite team jersey or Penn Manor gear.
  • Wednesday, 10/28/20
    “Be Brave!  You have the power to make healthy choices!” 
    Wear superhero clothing (no costume masks)
  • Thursday, 10/29/20 – “Put Unhealthy Habits to Rest!”
    Wear your P.J.’s (no slippers)
  • Friday, 10/30/20 – “Being Drug Free is No Sweat!”
    Wear your sweats!

Thanks for your support!

Early Dismissal ⏰

Reminder that this Friday October 9th, we have an early dismissal. We also have a no school day on Monday October 12th. The following information comes from the office!

“Just a reminder that we have an early dismissal this coming Friday, Oct. 9th. All children will be dismissed 2 hours early from school (1:30 PM).  This means that the bus drop off time at the end of the day will be 2 hours earlier.   If you forget this time, please refer to your transportation letter that was sent out.

Early dismissals and how they pertain to kindergarten:     On early dismissal days we host one class of kindergarten.   It is either AM or PM.   Friday, October 9th, all of the PM class will attend school the full day (9:00-1:30) and will eat lunch at school.    The AM class will not have school on this day. If your child is in AM KDG and attends WRAP they still can but must be dropped off and picked up at the church on Friday.

Penn Manor schools will be closed on Monday, October 12. As a result, Group A will be in session on Tuesday (10/13) and Wednesday (10/14), and Group B will attend on Thursday (10/15) and Friday (10/16). There will be no online instruction on Wednesday (10/14).

If you have any questions, please call the office at 717-872-1401.”

Virtual Wednesdays💻

Mr. Malek and Mrs. Suydam put out a blog post on the Central Manor blog regarding proper Google Meet etiquette. We went over this in class and last week the kids were AMAZING during our Meet, but I wanted to share it here in case you did not see the original post:

“Parents—we are seeking your help so your child can get the best virtual learning experience during our virtual Wednesday sessions.  Teachers are planning lessons for online learning on Wednesdays, and we ask that all students approach these days with the educational commitment as if they were in the classroom.  We recognize that this is new and NOT how we wish it could be, but our teachers are committed to providing quality instruction during these times.   Here are reminders about appropriate conduct during a google meet with CM teachers:

  • Children should be in front of their laptops, seated and ready to learn.
  • Cameras should be on at all times during the session for all children during the lesson.
  • Students should pick one location to remain for the duration of the lesson.  This location should be an appropriate learning space.   
  • If children need to leave camera for a restroom break or another reason, they need to ask permission from their teacher to leave the meet or turn their camera off.
  • Messages sent to the chat during the lesson are reserved for instructional purposes ONLY.
  • Children should refrain from eating while on their meets. Please use the break time between subjects if a snack is needed.
  • Work space should be free of pets and toys since these are distracting to our learners.
  • Parents are encouraged to support their learner at home, but to not actively participate in the lessons.   

Moving forward, Mr. Malek and Mrs. Suydam ask all grade 3-6 students to show Central Manor leadership during online learning sessions. We plan to visit your virtual sessions this Wednesday. Thank you for helping us as we navigate these new online lessons.”

Picture Day is Coming!📸

Below is the blog post put out on the Central Manor blog. Our classes picture time is in the morning so no one should be sweaty and smelly by the time we get them taken. Woohoo!

“Students will be bringing flyers home about picture day. We are holding 2 picture days this year. Please mark your calendars as to when your child will be getting their picture taken.

September 29- Kindergarten AM & PM, Grade 1 and all Group A students

October 2- Grade 2, all Group B students and PMVS (from 1-3 PM)

If you have any questions please contact the office at 717-872-1401.”

First Spirit Day!!!📣🏈

This was posted on the Central Manor blog. Our first spirit day is this Friday!

Help us kick off Penn Manor’s fall sports season this Friday, September 18th by wearing your favorite sports jersey or Penn Manor spirit wear! Students who are in Group A and virtual take a picture and email it to Mrs. Suydam at Watch our blog for a spirit day slide show. Let’s Go Comets!!

One Week Away!!!😁🏫

Next week is the start of school! Can you believe it? I sent out an email regarding laptop usage. This is just a reminder that if you would like your child to be able to take home their laptop on their very first day you will need to either email the laptop agreement form or send it in with them on the first day of school. You can find that agreement form here.

Also, I know students may be anxious to come back to school this year. It is completely natural for them to feel this way. In order to help relieve some apprehensions you or your child may have, Central Manor has put together a virtual tour so you can get a visual of what some areas of the school are going to look like when they arrive! You can find that virtual tour here.

This year is going to look different but remember, we are a TEAM. We are going to work with and for your child in order to achieve success.


Hello fourth grade families! I am so excited to meet you all. We are in for a fun-filled year. I know this year is looking different than others so please remember to take a deep breath and remind yourself that everything will be okay. I sent out your back to school letters, but I am also posting your needed items here as well:

  • Colored Pencils/Crayons
  • Expo Markers
  • Scissors
  • Pencil Pouch
  • Headphones/Earbuds in a plastic baggie with your name
  • 2″ Binder (optional)
  • Texas Instrument (TI30 XIIS) Calculator to keep at home (optional)

I am slowly but surely getting our classroom together and I can’t wait for school to start so we can continue to build this classroom together. Since Labor Day is right after we start school here is a reminder of what the first two weeks of school look like. I can’t wait to meet all of you!