Our Mission

Welcome to Penn Manor School District’s Twilight School. Twilight school is an alternative educational program that enables students to gain the academic, social and life skills necessary for their success today and post-high school. Twilight school focuses on preparing the student for the transitions they will face during and beyond their years in high school.

A long time ago there was an education method known as the 3 R’s. Those of you that have heard of the three R’s would think of “Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic.”

In order to prepare students for success during and beyond high school Twilight has decided to improve the 3 R’s by adding in a fourth. The new R’s are Rigor, Relevance, Relationship, and Resiliency.

The curriculum is rigorous, so students will reach their fullest potential. Helping the students work through their schoolwork will show the students that they can work through any difficulty they might face in and out of high school.

The subjects that are taught in the curriculum is relevant to the student’s’ goals.When the curriculum is relevant to the student’s goals it will provide them with the motivation to achieve and succeed within the program’s rigor.

Relationship will maximize the positive outcomes provided by rigor and relevance.There are many relationships within the educational system. The relationships are between the teacher and the subject matter, the student and the subject matter, and most importantly the student and the teacher.

Rigor,relevance, and relationship are the first 3 parts that work together to create Twilight School’s educational program. What about the 4th R? When rigor, relevance, and relationship work together properly, resiliency can be an amazing product of a the new successful 4R method.

Most of the Twilight School students face incredible stress and adversity in a many different settings such as social, personal and educational. Twilight School’s ultimate goal is to provide a supportive, caring and rigorous educational environment in which our students can thrive, grow and mature despite risk and adversity. Once resiliency is developed, then a student will be able to successfully navigate life’s transitions and challenges.