Faculty and Staff

Twilight Administration/Review Committee:

Douglas C. Eby  – Principal

             Mr. Eby has been working with the Twilight team and Mr. Nesmith since June of 2015. During this time, they transitioned the program’s structure to a blended approach of virtual learning and direct teacher instruction. Twilight students have the opportunity to study six different classes every semester. In addition to social studies, math, English and science courses, students have physical education/health and a family Consumer science course. Students are using Edgenuity as the online educational platform.

Jeremy Nesmith- Coordinator

              Mr. Nesmith has worked in Twilight for over a decade. He consistently demonstrates a caring and professional approach with his students.  It has been Mr. Nesmith’s passion to meet each student at the point of their need and to commit to bridging the gaps in both the students’ social emotional state and academic performance. During his ten years as a director of Twilight, it has been his pleasure to revitalize and implement rigorous and relevant restorative practices through relationships while focusing on resiliency.

Rhoda Snyder- Counselor

            Mrs. Snyder joined the Twilight program in the fall of the 2016/2017 school year.. She dedicates herself to the students by helping them overcome barriers that impede academic success.  Mrs. Snyder focuses on developing and enhancing students’ personal strengths as well as academic, social, and career skills needed to become responsible and productive young adults. She facilitates multiple approaches to counseling such as: individual counseling, group counseling, guest speakers, field trips, and mentor programs to empower students to reach their maximum potential.

Twilight Faculty:

Heather Paquette                   Asst. Coordinator/P.E. Health

Rhoda Snyder                         Counselor

Sarah Stover                           Math

Courtney Heiser                     Math

Kyle Bulicz                               Science .

Elizabeth Sheerer                   Family and Consumer Science

Curt Elledge                            Social Studies

Karen Hallett                          English

Drew Wilson                            English