Rules and Expectations


1. Be a good teammate.  Make the right choices for all that is involved with being a good teammate.

Focus on A.C.E.S.

Attitude: Have a positive and supportive attitude.

Character: Be a person who benefits his/her team.

  • Be caring and kind.
  • Be honest.
  • Be dedicated.
  • Be physically and mentally tough.

Effort: Put forth relentless effort in all that you do.

Skill: Be accountable for improving your volleyball knowledge and skills.

2. Be responsible. Do what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do it and in the way it should be done.

3. Leave jewelry at home. No jewelry is permitted on the court in matches or tournaments, so do thesame for practices. If you choose to attempt to cover jewelry with a bandage, the team can still be penalized if the jewelry becomes visible, so be careful not to put us in that situation.

The choice to violate team rules will result in negative consequences that may include loss of privileges and/or playing time.


 These are team/coach preferences and routines that create an impression of you as a team member and us as a team. Failure to meet these expectations could negatively impact you or your team.


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