First Few “Weeks”

We have been working very diligently in class these first disjointed weeks.  We now have the skills in place to recognize our preferred learning style and to utilize the best way to study and learn vocabulary.  Each day we spend a little time writing about what we know and reflecting on what we remember from the lessons before.  CDT scores indicated that this first unit is the most challenging for everyone, so we are making sure that everyone is confident with the material before we move on.  Once we have a firm foundation established for atomic structure and bonding, our carbon chemistry, properties of water and macromolecules lessons will make so much more sense.

I enjoyed getting to know some of you during meet the teacher night and I am VERY proud of the class for being there for our Friday early dismissal.  Many of our industry speakers indicated that companies are looking for employees who are willing to show up to work each day and show up on time.  When I see students demonstrating those skills, I am proud of them and I try to reinforce the importance of that life skill.

I have posted some very important resources on Google Classroom and I encourage everyone to review just a little each night.

Until next week,

Mrs. Wittemann