Here is a list of blogs at Penn Manor. Blogs with recent activity and updates will appear at the top of the list.

PM Technology Blog

Penn Points – HS Student Newspaper

Mrs. Douts' First Grade Happenings

Martic Elementary School

Mrs. Braun Letort

Aucott's Announcements

Frese's Footnotes

Mrs. Murr's Blog Site

Hambright Elementary School

Mrs. Mulder's Message

Mrs. Noll's Blog

4th Grade Ochs Organizer

Miller's Minutes

Mrs. Graham's 4th Grade Blog

Mrs. Eichler's Blog Site

Eshleman Elementary School

Penn Manor High School

"The Schettlonary"

The LeTort Academic Support Blog

Library Lori Paules

Going 4th with Mrs. Heverling

Penn Manor Expressions

Miss Crum's Blog

Mrs. Adams' Announcements

The Peart Post


Hambright Music

Conestoga Kinder-Kids

Central Manor Elementary School

Miss Szentesy's Class

Altdoerffer's Alley

Kyper's Conversation

Mrs. Mattern's Blog

Mrs. Garpstas 2nd Grade

Dr. Garvey's 6th Grade Blog


Penn Manor HS Testing Grounds

Mrs. Wise's 3rd Grade

Conestoga Elementary

Mrs. Treier's Third Grade Blog

Miss Quinn's 3rd Grade Blog

Third Grade Thoughts from 3S

Penn Manor High School 1:1 Resources

Pequea Elementary School

First Grade Fly

Eshleman en EspaƱol

Color Outside the Lines

Mrs. Devenburgh's First Grade

Ms. Gilbert's Grapevine

Mrs. Kyle's Blog at Central Manor

Mrs. Horning's Blog

Braun's Blog @ Eshleman

Penn Manor National Honor Society

Ann LeTort Elementary School

Chasing Dreams with 3F

Mr. Zimmerman's Gifted Support

Bohannon's Blogging

High School Gifted

First Steps with Mr. Heiney

LeTort Grade 4

The Bushong Broadcast

Martic's 5th Grade Blog

Mrs. Raff's 6th Grade Blog

Steffy's Stellar Student Gallery

Mattern Matters

Marticville Middle School

Pequea Elementary Third Grade

Mrs. E's Monkey Memo

Mrs. Wiggins' Blog

PMHS Counseling Department

Mrs. Nesmith's 5th Grade Blog

Mr. Birch's 5th Grade Blog

Penn Manor Nurse

Miss Boyd's Bulletin Board

Mrs. Binkley's Third Grade Thoughts

Mrs. Piatt's Blog Site

5th Grade ROCKSTARs!

Mrs. Cornell's Blog

Counselor Corner

Mrs. Schoelkopf's Blog

PMHS Interact Club

The Class of 2015

Penn Manor Theatre

Miss Fellin's Blog Site

Mrs. Hoin's Homeroom

Zach's Technology Blog

Mrs. Frazier's Fourth Grade

Comet Chorus

Mrs. Brooks' Second Grade

Manor Middle School

Penn Manor High School Library Blog

Croaker, Marticville's On-Line Newspaper

Mrs. KinderH2O's World

Trout in the Classroom

WELLNESS JOURNEY - Penn Manor Wins with Wellness!

Federal Programs

Miss Brill's Bulletin

Mrs. Purzycki's 5th Grade Blog

Mrs. Hallett's Foundations of Literacy

Twilight School Blog

Mrs. Aucott's Student Blog

3-B's Student Blogging

Central Manor Music

Manor Counseling Dept

PMHS Orchestra

Saylor's Creative Writing Blog


Mrs. Kane's Second Grade Blog

PMHS Graduation Project

Tri-M Music Honor Society

Young Humanitarian League

Mrs. Yost's Learning Connection

Mrs. Groff's 4th Grade Blog

Mrs. Rios's 4th Grade Blog

Shawn Beard Blog

Mr. Seller's Gifted Blog

Mrs. Rote's Blog

LeTort Kindergarten Matters

Penn Manor Gifted Blog

Beyond the Backpack

Superintendent's Blog: from the office of Mike Leichliter

Mrs. Althouse's Blog Site

Mrs. Hayes's Blog

Let Me In

Mrs.Hogg's Third Grade Blog

Jason's IT Blog

Penn Manor High School Girls Lacrosse

Gina Blog

Witmer's Writings

Eshleman Girls on The Run

Welcome to 5th Grade with Mrs. Loreto

Mr. Reustle Social Studies

Snyder's Stories

Kindergarten Kiddos

Foreign Language Department

Penn Manor Health and Physical Education Department

Saylor's American Lit and Comp Blog

Miss. Lonergan's Travel Blog

Central Manor School Counselor

Mrs. Deb Drexel

Central Manor A.S.T.

Hambright Counseling

Pequea Guidance

Eshleman Guidance

Letort Guidance

21st Century Skills

PENN MANOR HS Quiz Bowl Team

Mrs. Foulk's Science Blog


The Blog Project

Conestoga 5th Grade Blog

Penn Manor's Applied Engineering Department

Mrs. Bittenbender's Blog

HS Science Department

Penn Manor School District History

Jason Binkley's PE Class

Penn Manor Mystery and History

Mrs. Walkowiak- First Grade

Mrs. Kamen's Literacy Coach Blog

Class of 2013

Comet Chuckers

Weber on the Web

Instructional Technology

PM Business Technologies

The Malek Blogosphere

Mrs. Ashworth's Library Links

Reading Queen

Twilight Math Blog


Conestoga Area Historical Society Back to the 1700s in Lancaster PA

The ESL Connection

Penn Manor High School Math Department

Mr. Wainman's Blog

Grade 4 Reading


G.Y.M. Get Yourself Moving with Mrs. Young!

Miss Klube's Blog

Manor FFA

PMHS Family and Consumer Sciences

Mr. Andrew at Martic Elementary

Miss Manchak's Classroom Blog

Mrs. Detter's First Grade

Penn Manor TSA

Mrs. Longenecker's AST Blog

Art with Mrs. Wigerman

Kreider - MVMS Green Team Grade 7 Reading

Art with Mrs. Cantrell

Uno Dos Tres

Wagners Writers

County Mayo

Tom's Tech News

Penn Manor Blog Site

Martic & Letort Library

Mrs. Mcelheny's Blog


Algebra I- Keystone Exam Preparation

Open Campus Astronomy Course

Blog Training

Going 4-ward

McGough's Rigorous and Relevant Classroom Blog

Marticville Middle School TSA

Central Manor News

The PsychoBabble

Deutsch mit Frau Saragosa

Mrs. Kirk's CHEMTASTIC Blog

Galgon's Great Reads

The Scheuing Nine

Mrs. Brown- Green 7 Reading

Mr. Bender Goes To NASA

Penn Manor Middle School FCS

Miss O'Brien's O'Blog

Blogging with 5H

The Collective ePub

Canady's Technology Tips

Penn Manor Varsity Club

PMHS Student Council

PMHS Systems Analyst Blog

Mrs. Long's FCS Scene

Barnett Blog

Mrs. Johnson's Reading Blog

Mrs. Craig's Technology Classroom

Mr. Masten's Blog

Manor's Wellness and Physical Education Class

Blogging with 3-Brighter


Penn Manor TSA Club

Penn Manor Cheerleading

Penn Manor High School Counseling Basile Blog

Tech Mates

A Blossom of Words

Mrs. Herr's FCS Blog

Jr High FootBall Blog 2009-2010

Long Range Planning at Penn Manor

Scrittura: World Cultures at PMHS

Music at Letort with Mrs. Husler

Blogging with Mrs. Bock!

The Chatter Box

Going South

Maurer Blog

Mrs. Radcliff's Third Grade Blog

Manor 8th Grade Science

Manor 7th Grade Science

Mr. Horner's Blog

Boys' Volleyball