How to take care of your laptop

Like any other piece of technology, the acer laptops can be damaged if they are not properly handled. Having to pay for preventable damages can be frustrating for many students. With these precautionary instructions, you can avoid being obligated to pay for the destruction of your laptop.

One of the most common repairs done is screen replacements.  This is caused by dropping the computer, or more commonly, improper storage of the laptop.

1) Make sure to carry your laptop while it is in its case.


2) Do not carry your laptop in your backpack, as this will crack the screen.
photo (2)
3) Do not place things on top of your laptop, as this will crack the screen.
photo (1)

3) Do not store your laptop in your car, because temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, or below 0 degrees Celsius will damage it.
4) Do not have food or drink around the laptop, as internal components can be damaged by crumbs and liquids in the laptop.

5) Hold the laptop by the base when carrying it in order to avoid dropping it.

If you comply with these instructions, your laptop will stay in excellent condition.


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