About PM Alumni

Nominations Being Accepted for the Distinguished Alumni Wall of Honor

The Distinguished Alumni Wall of Honor selection committee will be choosing a new induction class for 2018. If you would like to honor an alumni who has brought recognition, honor, distinction, and excellence to Penn Manor through his/her postgraduate accomplishments, please complete a Distinguished Wall of Honor nomination form.

PMAA Mission Statement
The mission of the Penn Manor Alumni Association is to support, inform, and maintain communications with our alumni, encouraging them to play an active role in PMAA, support our alma mater, and remain part of the Penn Manor family.

Penn Manor Alumni Association voice mail: 872-9520 Ext. 1934




2 Responses to About PM Alumni

  1. Sam Walker says:

    I joined the PMAA as a life member a year or so ago, and I received a nice acknowledgment that my check had been received. Since that time, however, I have received no information, announcements, or newsletters. The same thing happened after I joined the association (not as a life member) in the early 2000s. Would you check your address list and make certain that my name and address are on it? Thank you.

  2. Cindy Rhoades says:

    I will make sure you get the next newsletter. So sorry for the oversight.

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