Reminder for Today’s event

To:  Our Amazing Martic Community                                                

From:  Martic Staff

Re:  Recognition of Allan Dutton and Patti Duff in retirement

Mr. Allan Dutton and Mrs. Patti Duff have decided that it is time to retire from Martic Elementary School after many years of influencing others.   It is sad for us to see them go, but we plan to celebrate their transition into new adventures through retirement.    To honor Mr. Dutton and Mrs. Duff, we are inviting all of our music and library fans to join us on June 4th at 2:15 PM on the outside fields facing the playground.   At that time we will bring Mr. Dutton and Mrs. Duff out on the playground so we can sing the MARTIC SONG one last time.   This song has been learned by many Martic students over the years.  Our staff will present Mrs. Duff and Mr. Dutton with retirement gifts for them to take with them. 

There is a link at the bottom of this page where you can review the words and also listen to the song if you need a refresh.   J 


PARKING FOR THIS EVENT will be very restricted.  Please try to carpool whenever possible.   This will be a RAIN OR SHINE OUTSIDE EVENT.   Please bring an umbrella.   

Additional parking will be available for carpooling options at the Rawlinsville Fire Company.   They are very kind to share this space with us, but please be mindful to leave ALL ENTRANCES open.  Please do not park in front of the building or in front of the barn doors.  The use of the back stone parking lot is advised.     

Here is the link:

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